Spindles for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry and its suppliers demand precise tooling to create today’s sophisticated vehicles. What’s more, increasingly lean production methods mean downtime due to repairs or maintenance can have an outsized impact on the bottom line. For these reasons and more, automotive spindles must be accurate and reliable.

Colonial Tool Group is a longstanding partner to automotive OEMs as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. We produce CNC spindles and other tools that meet the requirements of these demanding clients. With a focus on accuracy, we deliver long-term value to everyone we work with.

Automotive Spindle Manufacturing

Manufacturers use Colonial Tool Group’s automotive spindles in a variety of processes. Our grinding spindles power polishing and finishing wheels while our drilling spindles deliver improved thrusting capacity and better radial load ratings. We also manufacture many other products, including tuning, tapping and milling spindles.

Our expertise encompasses belt-driven , air-driven and electric spindles. Belt-driven spindles are affordable while remaining highly reliable and precise. Air-driven spindles offer longer service life, while electric models deliver the most flexibility regarding torque, speed, flexibility and power output.

Colonial Tool Group products are not the cheapest spindles on the market, but they do deliver the power and productivity automotive manufacturers require. Don’t take a risk on an inferior tool — invest in quality and enjoy long-term benefits that improve your bottom line.

Repair and Rebuilding

Whether you own a Colonial Tool Group spindle or a product by another manufacturer, you want to make the most of your purchase. We have experience repairing spindles by manufacturers such as Bryant, Diebold and GMN — as well as our own products.

Repairing a spindle is a multi-stage process that can involve visual inspections and IRD vibration analysis followed by a complete disassembly, inspection and cleaning of all components. We then provide you with a detailed report of our findings and our recommendations for repair.

Rebuilding involves a similar process. The key distinction is that, during a rebuild, we will source cost-effective replacements for any worn-out components. Our team of in-house engineers performs all spindle repairs and rebuilds. Following any job, we complete an extensive selection of tests to confirm the accuracy of our work.

Ultimately, Colonial Tool Group’s spindle repair services provide automotive manufacturers with an affordable alternative to buying new. Repairing or rebuilding a spindle can add life to an aging tool at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Our Clients

Colonial Tool Group's roots date back to 1929. From these humble beginnings, we have expanded our ability to serve our clients in various demanding sectors. The automotive industry represents one of our largest verticals. We are proud to work with Ford, GM and Chrysler, among other major corporations. We also provide spindles for engine manufacturers such as Cummins, Linamar and other parts suppliers, and heavy equipment manufacturers such as Cat.

With locations in Windsor in Canada, Taylor in Michigan and Coahuila in Mexico, we can provide fast and convenient service to some of North America's largest auto manufacturing hubs. Visit our Contact Us page for details on how to get in touch with a representative near you.