Your Leading Belt-Driven Spindle Manufacturer

Colonial Tool manufactures, repairs, and rebuilds all types of belt-driven machine tool spindles

Belt-driven spindles are simple, cost effective and cover a wide range of applications. They come in box, cartridge, flange mount or cradle styles. Bearings vary from the widely popular angular contact bearings, tapered bore cylindrical roller bearings and the robust Timken bearings. Sealing is a very important feature of a precision spindle.

Colonial Tool is a top belt-driven machine spindle manufacturer because we thoroughly check and engineer solutions that manage all safety and quality aspects of CNC machine spindles before they arrive at any customer’s door.

Ask us about all of our options that can include the integral grinding cartridge spindles that many companies use to shift a boring mill or turret lathe into a proper grinding machine. Lubrication options also mean you’re looking at years of minimal maintenance. These are concerns to bring up with any machine spindle manufacturer.

Our work as a top belt-driven spindle manufacturer also means many of the units we create and sell can replace standard OEM offerings, so you can keep using your existing equipment for as long as it lasts. Don’t let product line changes force you into new equipment — instead, work with Colonial Tool to get the most out of the belt-driven spindles you already own and use.

Selecting Belt-Driven Spindles

Belt-driven spindles are often chosen when cost is an important factor, as a belt-driven spindle is often available at a lower price than a spindle with an integrated motor. However, there are a few other important things you should consider:

  • Lifetime costs: Belt-driven CNC spindles are made of fewer parts, which means there are fewer replacements to make down the road. Investing in high-quality materials at the onset can significantly increase the time before maintenance or replacement is needed, especially for high-use items such as CNC machine spindles.

  • A multitude of options: Belt-driven spindles can be created to meet a broad set of characteristics with significant range in available spindle power, speed and torque, which are often based on the motor that your spindle is supporting. CNC specialty spindle options are available in many belt-driven flavors.

  • Multi-speed settings: By combining gears with fixed-belt designs and ratios, these spindles are able to support a significant range of speed settings.

  • Large torque capabilities: Because the motor is mounted externally, belt-driven spindles can be used with large motors that generate a significant amount of torque. Space limitations for integral-motor machine tool spindles often minimize the motor’s diameter, keeping torque relatively low.

As a leading belt-driven spindle manufacturer, we’ve created units that optimize each of these efficiencies and operational requirements to help customers meet demands as quickly and as safely as possible. However, we also know and are willing to discuss the areas where belt-driven spindles may not perform as well as other options.

You may want to consider an integral motor system if you need a high maximum rotational speed, or if there are concerns over bearing load. As your belt-driven spindle increases in its power or speed, it’ll use up a larger portion of the bearings’ radial loading capacity.

Why Trust Colonial as a Leading Belt-Driven Spindle Manufacturer?

As a leading machine spindle manufacturer, we are careful in analyzing every application and determining the best suited sealing solution. Unlike some of our competitors, we believe there is no single sealing arrangement that can efficiently provide protection against any coolant environment, orientation, temperature variation or other hostile working conditions. Machine tool spindles require a careful touch and we’re always prepared to provide it for your CNC machine spindles.

We take pride in our ability to create custom designs and CNC specialty spindles for whatever application you challenge us with. Our seasoned engineers have seen nearly all application types and have been through all design challenges. This wealth of knowledge has enabled us to develop a line of modular spindles that include patented technologies (e.g. patent# 6,042,273).

Getting Started With Colonial Tool

Colonial Tool offers a series of standard replacement spindles and offers a full complement of restoration and repairs using our patented technologies. We can meet your specific machine tool spindle requirements for nose extensions and configurations, mounting bolt patters, housing width, casing parameters and much more.

Our engineers can work with your existing OEM model or build you something new so your belt-driven spindle meets your exact spindle geometry specifications. CNC machine spindles can be designed and manufactured custom for your operations.

Contact us right away and you’ll see why customers from throughout the US and Canada turn to Colonial Tool whenever they need custom development or repair of their belt-driven spindles.