Boring Machines

Boring involves widening the inside diameter of a pre-drilled or precast hole. Within this broad definition there exist several different types of boring processes, all of which require purpose-built machinery or tooling. Colonial Tool Group specializes in tools and machinery for several boring processes, including cylinder boring, line boring, jig boring, horizontal boring and more.

Boring offers three main benefits. It can bring the size of a hole to a specified diameter, straighten a hole that has wandered off-center, or make it more concentric with an insert piece. Compared to other ways of achieving these goals, boring is fast, accurate and cost-effective, making it ideal for mass production.

Boring is a part of manufacturing in a range of different industries. It is essential for machining automotive components as well as parts and products used in military and aerospace contracting, as well as general manufacturing. These and other processes require precise, reliable equipment, which is where Colonial Tool Group comes in. Keep reading to learn more about the role our machines and tools play in these applications or contact us directly for assistance in any matter.

The Highest Precision Standards For Boring Machines

This is a standard double-end Colonial machine for precision boring, turning, and facing. Due to the rigid construction, it maintains the highest precision standards on medium and large work pieces. Set-up can be arranged for a wide variety of work: performing identical operations at both ends, or roughing or semi finishing at one end and finishing at the other, or entirely different operations at each end. In addition, it has the capability for multi station production work. Spindle bridges can be moved close to the work for fat operating cycles or spread apart to allow ample space for loading and unloading large parts. A flexible control system that’s simple to set up and simple in operation, and a selection of standard spindles and drives make this a versatile machine. These same features, combined with fixtures and work handling equipment make for a good production machine.

Boring Tool Manufacture and Repair

Colonial Tool Group manufactures custom boring tools to complement our advanced machinery. We engineer our products to minimize vibration and chatter, while allowing you to achieve a precise, clean bore in fewer passes. The result is less downtime, longer tool life and improved productivity and product quality. Choose our boring tools for low-, medium- or high-volume production applications. We have a long history of serving the automotive industry, among other demanding sectors, and have the expertise necessary to match you with the right tool for your needs.

Some of the factors that go into boring tool design include:

         Cutting forces: During the boring process, tangential and radial forces will attempt to force the tool downward or reduce the cutting depth. To                      counteract this requires stable tools that can prevent vibration.

         Insert geometry: The edge and clearance angles of an insert must be less than 90 degrees to avoid friction between the tool and the workpiece. Over            time, wear can affect insert geometry, which is why boring tools require periodic sharpening to stay accurate.

         Nose radius: Wider-radius tools lead to higher radial and tangential cutting forces, which causes vibration. Nose radius dimensions should be smaller            than the tool's cutting depth while providing enough surface to get the job done efficiently.

Working with a knowledgeable engineer who understands these and related factors is the best way to achieve a tool that is appropriate to your purposes. A poorly designed boring tool will wear out faster, be less accurate and require more frequent maintenance — all factors that can eat into your bottom line.

Making the Most of Your Boring Tools

In addition to our new tools and machines, Colonial Tool Group can also provide remanufacturing, sharpening and retrofitting for existing boring machines. We can turn around complex projects quickly, adding years of life to your expensive equipment.

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