We like to think of our customers as partners, the reasoning behind this philosophy is simple and straight forward: we strive step-by-step to help them succeed in their endeavors and we are confident that these quintessential building blocks are the road maps for long and enduring relationships.

Whether you are looking for tooling, spindles, machines or integrated solutions, you have arrived at your destination.

Colonial will listen, learn and analyze your application; propose and engineer a solution; and, finally, deliver a feasible and cost effective product.

Our established customers know what to expect from us; appreciate how we conduct business; and are pleased with our products, services and people.


Colonial's manufacturing excellence had continued through our combined total in-house capabilities. Ideally, Colonial's only requirement from the outside has been raw materials. Many of our products are processed A-Z at our facilities starting from rough machining, heat treatment, finish machining, coatings, inspection, assembly, test and certification.

Colonial has attained ultra precision tolerances by means of state the art CNC equipment and manufacturing methods (See US Patents). The net result has been greater life to our products, greater rigidity and higher geometric accuracies at the sub micron level.

Colonial has continued the tradition of offering our customers our manufacturing support services such as contract turning, boring mill work, gear grinding, surface grinding, OD and ID grinding, broaching , CMM Inspection, sub-assembly and balancing.


Colonial has a fully integrated, in-house, engineering staff to assist in product selection, design engineering, upgrade engineering to existing equipment, and full optimization of complex multiple variables problems that customer have faced over the decades.

Our design software has not been limited to one program, we have expanded capabilities of running in 3D Solidworks, AutoCad and CadKey for those with older systems.

The differentiating feature of the Colonial Engineering Team over our competitors has been our cutting edge training and experience. Our design for optimization, by means of computer modelling of our products (Cosmos FEA), has continued the tradition of providing static and dynamic rigidity, in conjunction with high precision. To further our value to our customers, all designs are rigorously analyzed for manufacture-ability through our teams experience, to ensure the most cost effective solution to complex problems.

Our Team of professional are routinely dispatched to potential customers who have problems with our competitors products. Colonial is called into action to evaluate and solve problems promptly using our LCPP (Lowest Cost per Piece) evaluation methodology. The LCPP continues in line with our R&M initiatives reducing tooling costs, and extending product life (MTBF).

Colonial has continued to maintained the engineering for our LaPointe Broach Machines, which have been the aerospace benchmark, and our Ex-Cell-O Spindles that represented the industries premium spindle brand for precision and durability.