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Colonial Tool manufactures, repairs, and rebuilds all types of CNC machine spindles.

Spindle stiffness, accuracy and application-specific tooling are all critical factors in machining excellence. The CNC machine spindle design, for your application, is computer-modeled to ensure optimization of performance. Elements of analysis ensure maximization of life and precision and will yield a design supporting our motto: “Rigidity At Speed.”

Integrated CNC spindle systems feature ultra-precision components and patented technology, resulting in improved productivity, reduced downtime, reduced maintenance, little noise, safe operation, high power and world-class bore geometry. From standard machine tool spindles to CNC specialty spindles, our focus is always on top quality.

By relying on the best technology, engineering and industry practices, we’re able to meet a wide range of specific application needs and requirements, delivering a machine tool spindle that improves productivity and reduces your manufacturing costs. This engineering also allows us to deliver a wide range of specialty options for your specific CNC  spindle need.

Benefits of Choosing Colonial CNC Machines Manufacturer

Every CNC spindle combines a unique set of specifications and features to deliver the best performance for each job. Some of the features and options available from Colonial Tool include:

  • Automatic tool change capability (HSK, CAT)
  • Higher operational speeds that maintain safety
  • Improved load capacities, speed and precision thanks to a special focus on bearing materials and customization
  • Increased reliability of CNC machine spindles for reductions in long-term cost and maintenance
  • Liquid-cooled AC motors for sustained power
  • Power drawbars for tool retention
  • Power up to 150 kW (200 Horsepower)
  • Smart seals designed to reduce main failure causes, such as coolant ingress and contamination
  • Speeds 0-60,000 rpm
  • Through-spindle coolant
  • Tool orientation and rotation control

Colonial has both standard machine tool spindle units and specialty CNC spindles to suit your machining needs.

Meeting Your Needs

High-speed CNC spindles need to meet a series of exacting requirements, including the ability to automatically and quickly change tools through the use of a tooling system. Controls include locating and clamping tool holders with specific angles of use included in the overall design.

We also know the value of good balance, and we engineer our drawbars to meet close tolerances with proper internal guidance to maintain the right balance and tension. You can also ask us about mechanical locking systems and variable washers to ensure the CNC spindle operates properly at high speeds and under varying use cases.

CNC Spindle Repair Services

Colonial Tool is a leading designer and manufacturer of precision CNC machine spindles, engineering them from the ground up to achieve the best in savings, lifetime value and operational effectiveness for our customers.

We’ve turned that engineering knowledge into a complete CNC spindle repair service shop, using the same testing and development architecture as our manufacturing arm to ensure your spindles are maintained and returned in peak working order.

If you’re in need of emergency CNC spindle repair, call us right away. We’ll be able to prioritize your shipment as soon as it’s received, and move you up the repair queue whenever possible. Your materials will undergo our established repair process and receive top-quality engineering. No corners are ever cut in order to bring your spindle back home faster.

Need a new CNC spindle? We’re a leader machine spindle manufacturer with plenty of custom designs. Colonial Tool can also handle the development of the machines you need to run your CNC machine spindles.

CNC Machines Manufacturer

Colonial Tool offers more than just high quality CNC spindles. We are a full manufacturer of CNC machines such as lathes, grinders, mills and more. We can support a broad set of production requirements, from multitasking CNC machine options to specific-purpose machines designed for custom orientation and axis support.

We are one of the few CNC machine manufacturers who provide complete and comprehensive service through our own warranty-minded shop. That means we’ll follow the procedures your equipment needs, in order to keep its warranty, whenever possible, and can provide you with all of the replacement and repair options that make sense for your business needs and your budget.

Get Started Right Away

Whether you need a custom or CNC specialty spindle, machining for spindle parts, repairs or simply need to ask questions about CNC machine spindles, contact Colonial Tool using this page or by calling us toll-free at (866)-611-5119. With offices in the US, Canada and Mexico, we have state-of-the-art machine spindle manufacturer locations and services right around the corner.