Spindle Repairs in Detroit

While it might not match the heydays of the 20th century, Detroit is still a huge manufacturing town that features a range of plants and shops. Tools like lathes and grinders are commonplace, and they're often pivotal to a business' success. Many of those machines rely on spindles to run, and malfunctioning parts can drastically cut into your productivity. If you need them appropriately repaired quickly, your solution sits just across the Detroit River in Windsor, Ontario, where Colonial Tool Group operates from its main building.

We've serviced a variety of locations throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States for years now, as our knowledgeable staff possesses the skills and resources to satisfy any request.

What Positives Come From Spindle Repair in Detroit?

Spindles need careful attention, as they feature a variety of parts that need to be correctly aligned and calibrated to achieve peak efficiency. We thoroughly understand the challenges that come with these particular products, and that's why we've developed a scrupulous 19-point plan for analyzing them.

Spindle Diagnostics.jpg

Whether it's a metal-cutting, belt-driven or electric spindle, we can break down its performance in various stages, as well as observe it for deformities or other noticeable flaws.

When you commission us for repairs, here are some benefits that you stand to gain from:

  • Maintaining Your Efficiency Levels: From minor issues to debilitating ones, drops in a spindle's performance can directly impact how your machine runs. These problems are not often immediately noticeable to the naked eye, but they will gradually wear on the unit, which can cause slowdowns and even breakages. Our high-quality repairs can fix those hiccups and return your machine to the level where they belong.

  • Preventing Loss of Revenue: When you experience spindle-related problems that hamper your machines, it can result in downtime. That's never good news for any business, as fewer functioning units means higher operational costs and lower production rates, which can dramatically impact your bottom line. We want to help you keep downtime to a minimum, so you can take advantage of our 24/7 availability for repairs and rebuilds.

  • Extracting Maximum Value: When all your spindles operate as they should, you should never have to worry about losing productivity. We will outfit your spindles with top-tier replacement parts and rebuild them using unmatched expertise. We won't move forward with any action until you have a chance to review the spindle's inspection report, which will outline what it needs and what parts can help get it back into running shape. We can take this time to fit the job within your budget, and we won't finish the task until you give your final approval.

We've worked with most reputable brands throughout the years, so you won't have to worry about us ever turning down a project.

Trust Colonial Tool Group for Spindle Repair, Rebuild and Design in Detroit

Contact us today to discuss your project. We'd be happy to provide a free quote for spindle repairs in Detroit, as well as outline a plan of action.