DMG Mori Spindle Repair From Colonial Tool Group

Today’s CNC lathe spindles are impressive. Models from world-class suppliers like DMG Mori combine high speed, precision, and reliability to offer your business a real advantage. Naturally, a tool that works that hard eventually wears out. If your DMG Mori spindles need attention, make sure you take them to someone who knows how to repair them properly. In Canada, USA, and Mexico, your best choice is Colonial Tool Group. With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, our team of experts know how to inspect, diagnose and repair your CNC machine spindle and get your machine working again.

A repaired machine tool from Colonial Tool Group is as good as or better than original, thanks to our attention to detail and choice of top-quality replacement parts, such as bearings. We know you count on your DMG Mori CNC machine and spindle day in and day out to satisfy your customers and keep on schedule. If your spindle or lathe are in need of attention, you’ll be glad to know we have the solution.

We Take the Time to Do It Right

When your machine is down, you want it fixed quickly. We understand that. At the same time, you want the job done right, so you don’t risk another breakdown. We understand that as well. That’s why we’ve devised our five-point plan for all spindle machine tool repairs:

  • Pre-inspect: Other companies like to jump in headfirst and start tearing a machine tool apart right away. At Colonial Tool Group, we always start with an inspection of your tool on our test bench. We gain valuable information through vibration testing, encoder analysis, and measuring various dimensions and positions to quantify and identify the problems you’re having.


  • Disassembly: Once we’re know the extent of the malfunction issue, we do a methodical teardown. We document every step with photographs, measurements and observations, to keep a record of our work. There are dozens of parts in each CNC lathe spindle, and following a logical procedure for disassembly makes for faster reassembly, which saves time in the end.


  • Purchasing: No rebuild occurs without at least few new components, such as bearings. Our purchasing team gets involved at this stage, sourcing the best-quality parts that will go into your spindle rebuild. We always rebuild to manufacturers OEM specifications or better, so your CNC lathe will perform as well as when it was new.


  • Report: To make sure you understand the problem with your DMG Mori spindle, we put together a clear, concise report to explain everything. We will highlight what we plan to do to repair your spindle so you can make the most informed decision possible. We wait for your approval before continuing, and work with you to find the most suitable time for an intervention.


  •  Repairs: The last stage is when we perform the work necessary to repair your lathe spindle. This can include cleaning, machining, reboring and reassembly. We finish with a fresh coat of paint, identification label and proper packing so that you get your DMG Mori spindle back as good as new.


If you require CNC lathe spindle repair service, contact our team today. We’ll work closely with you to prepare a free quote, and get your machine up and running again.