Elte Spindle Repair

We've all known that sinking feeling when we detect a failing spindle. Vibrations, wobble, increased scrap or flat-out failure cause costly downtime and big hassle on your shop floor or in your tool room. Here at Colonial Tool Group, we have been working for nearly 100 years to meet the needs of machining businesses and keep you running with our proven and consistent spindle repair and maintenance.

You don't have time to waste, so we make it easy to obtain a free quote. Simply fill in our online form and include details on the nature of your spindle failure or problems. Once we hear from you, we will reach out with any questions and prepare a quote for the repairs necessary to get your spindles back into like-new condition. To avoid any surprises, we always get your approval before proceeding with rebuilding or repairs.

You Trust Elte, Now Trust Us

We are specialized in many brands of spindles, including the trusted Elte name. Elte designs precision, reliability and performance into every spindle they build and our team here at Colonial Tool Group does what it takes to return them to like-new condition after our rebuilds. We leave nothing up to chance and follow a methodical analysis and repair plan that includes:

  • Full visual inspection for signs of misuse and wear
  • Installation and running on our test bench
  • Vibration and tolerance analysis
  • Dimensional check of all critical features
  • Disassembly and analysis for wear and damage
  • Repair and replacement of worn or broken components
  • Complete testing after rebuilding

When we ship your Elte spindle back to you, it is ready to go back to work. You can count on many reliable hours of service from a Colonial Tool Group spindle rebuild. We understand our customers and know that a spindle failure is a major hassle and can set your entire business back. Get the best return on your tooling and spindle investment by trusting their maintenance and repair to our expert team here at Colonial Tool Group.

Get Your Free Quote Now

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All that's left to do is fill in our online quote form with details on your required spindle repairs. Let us know what issues you've been having and any problems you've detected with your Elte spindles. We will quickly prepare a quote and get your approval before starting repairs. More and more customers are turning to Colonial Tool Group thanks to our reputation for expert service and attention to detail. Don't put your valuable Elte spindles in the hands of anyone who doesn't have the experience and track record that we have.

Let us know if you have any questions or suspect you have problems with your spindles. Our team would be more than happy to guide you and propose the right solution for rebuilding your Elte spindles. Keep your business humming and your shop floor on schedule with a top-quality rebuild of your Elte spindles and avoid the costly downtime and replacement costs that come with choosing an unqualified source for spindle repairs.