Enshu CNC Machine Repair From Colonial Tool Group

Modern CNC machine spindles are complex assemblies. They’re designed for performance, speed and accuracy, along with reliability. Combining all these factors makes the engineering and manufacturing of CNC lathe spindles a real science. At Colonial Tool Group, we have more than 70 years of experience as world-class tooling specialists. Our expertise extends to servicing and repairing popular brands of CNC lathe spindles, such as Enshu.

Experience You Can Count On

To make sure every  Enshu CNC lathe spindle repair goes according to plan, we have developed a standard machine spindle repair process. Every step is carefully followed before proceeding to the next, giving you confidence in the end result:

  • Reception of the spindle and verification that there is no damage due to improper packaging
  • Spindle is prerun on our test bed, and bearings are tested with IRD vibration analysis
  • Drawbar pull force and encoder and proximity switch readings are all determined
  • HSK or pilot and face TIR are checked prior to disassembly to determine the current state
  • Axial compliance – an end play check – is performed
  • The spindle is then disassembled and cleaned – with pictures taken at every step
  • Motor windings are checked, as are internal thermistors, using an OHMS gauge
  • Shaft balance is checked using a two-plane (dynamic) IRD balancing machine
  • If front tooling is HSK, the HSK taper is checked using an Etamic air gauge
  • All shaft features are measured, including bearing journals, shoulder, face, pilot runouts and pulley runouts
  • Housing bore dimensions are checked – size, roundness, taper, front-to-back C/L to base, etc.
  • Writing of a complete teardown report with all above details – await customer approval to continue
  • Preparation of spindle shaft and housing for installation of new bearings
  • New front bearings and/or shaft installed followed by rear bearings and lock nut
  • Performing of precheck runouts of HSK/Pilot, face and pulley
  • Completion of spindle rebuild and test bed verification at rated RPM
  • Running of IRD vibration analysis and comparison of readings to initial values
  • Performing of final runouts after run-in period completed
  • Painting and tagging of spindles, followed by packaging for shipment back to the customer

This methodical approach is your Colonial Tool Group advantage, and reassurance that every Enshu spindle we repair is done to the same standards every time. We’ve built our name as a world-class machining and tooling company through consistency and dependability.

Never in the Dark

We want our customers to know exactly what we’re doing at all times. Your spindles are an important tool for your business, and are necessary for accurate, high-speed CNC lathe machining. Our Enshu spindle knowledge and experience gives us the confidence to take care of any repairs you might need. Contact our team today, and find out how Colonial Tool Group has created a reputation as a leading tooling company. We will perform the repairs your Enshu spindles require, and let you get back to work with accurate, reliable spindles that are ready for many more hours on your CNC lathe.