Ex-Cell-O Spindle Repairs and Rebuilds

Ex-Cell-O milling machines are longstanding automotive and manufacturing industry staples. The company’s spindles and other tools remain in use around the country, where they help demanding organizations drive productivity and precision in a wide range of processes.

Colonial Tool Group offers expert service and repairs to keep your Ex-Cell-O spindles and other machines working their best. We can provide everything from cleaning and maintenance to complete rebuilds that add years of life to aging machines. Contact our office directly to request a quote.

Ex-Cell-O Spindle Repair Services

Our team is uniquely qualified to repair Ex-Cell-O spindles and milling machines of any type. A typical repair may include:

·         Extensive visual inspection and other pre-testing. This is necessary to gain a clearer picture of the overall condition of your machine. It can involve looking for obvious signs of damage and wear, as well as performing vibrational analyses, pull force measurements and other bench testing. From there, we’ll have a clearer picture of how to proceed with your repair.

·         Disassembly and cleaning. A thorough teardown allows us to test the condition of your spindle bearings and other wear components to make a more accurate estimate and repair plan. It also helps identify signs of contamination, overheating, improper tooling and other issues that affect overall machine performance. This stage of the process is extensively documented with photographs that clearly show the work that needs to be done.

·         Pricing out replacement parts. The cost of replacement parts for your Ex-Cell-O spindle will play a key role in making repair vs. replace decisions. If possible, we price out all options available to you – including both OEM and rebuilt components – and provide expert advice that helps you make a smarter decision.

·         Completing the repairs. Upon receiving your approval, we will begin the repair process. Most Ex-Cell-O spindle repairs can be turned around in as little as two weeks. Our team will keep you informed throughout, letting you know of and approve any changes to the initial estimate.

·         Testing and quality control. All repaired spindles receive extensive testing to confirm that work has been completed to the highest standards of quality.  

Each repair and each customer is different. We will work with you to help you make the most of your machinery and your budget. Get in touch today to learn more.

Ex-Cell-O Spindle Rebuilds

A complete rebuild is often the best way to keep your Ex-Cell-O milling machine working its best for longer. A rebuild can restore an aging spindle to like-new condition, saving you the cost of replacement while maintaining accuracy and productivity. Our team can also add engineering and tooling upgrades that deliver improved performance and functionality to meet the changing needs of your operation.  

With our unsurpassed combination of engineering expertise and industry experience, no one is more qualified to perform an Ex-Cell-O machine tool repair or spindle rebuild than Colonial Tool Group. Request a free quote today by contacting our office by phone or email.