Fadal Spindle Rebuild From Colonial Tool Group

As a leading American supplier of CNC lathe spindles, Fadal is known and trusted the world over for high-quality equipment. When it comes time to have your Fadal spindles rebuilt, you don’t want to trust them to the hands of a tooling company that doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to handle them. Fadal spindle drive repair requires the right tools and highly trained technicians. Thankfully, at Colonial Tool Group, we have the tools and technicians necessary to repair and rebuild all models of Fadal spindles.

What It Involves

No matter what the problem with your Fadal spindle is, we apply the same procedure for every rebuild. We have perfected the steps for inspecting and repairing spindles to ensure fast, consistent service every time:

  • Pre-test: Before attacking a rebuild, it is important for our technicians to know exactly what they’re up against. They perform a vibration analysis, measure the pull force, check encoder readings, tooling mount run outs and axial compliance, inspect the condition of the motor and cooling jackets, and measure the air purge flow to get a full understanding of the state of your spindle in real-world conditions.


  • Disassembly: Our tooling experts take pictures at every stage of disassembly. This is important, as we use these photos when creating your free quote to show you the condition of your Fadal spindle and explain the steps we will take to rebuild it. We want you to understand what is involved with your spindle rebuild, so we take the time to educate you on the work we plan to do.


  • Purchasing: Using the information learned from the disassembly stage, our dedicated purchasing department suggests the best components – such as bearings – for rebuilding your spindle. Using quality components that meet or exceed the OEM parts is key to ensuring your new spindle gives you the accuracy, reliability and longevity of the original Fadal design.


  • Notification: At this stage, we contact you with a detailed report on the condition of your spindle and the steps we suggest to repair it. We never start repairs until we have your approval. We will answer any questions you might have, to make sure there are no surprises once the work is complete.


  • Repairs: Once you’re comfortable with our proposal and give your approval, we get started with the rebuild. If at any stage we encounter any difficulties or unseen problems, we contact you to discuss further steps. In most cases, we can complete the repair/rebuild of your Fadal spindle in two to three weeks, so you can get back to work with a spindle that is better than new.

Spindle Rebuild Advantages

If your spindles are broken, there’s no question as to the necessity in having them repaired. However, even before your spindles stop functioning, there are advantages to having us service them:

  • Increased power: When we rebuild a Fadal spindle with upgraded bearings, we can often unlock extra power and performance.


  • Reliability: When a spindle starts to wear, it can be difficult to predict when it will fail. With a Colonial Tool Group spindle rebuild, you reset the clock for many hours of trouble-free use.


  • Accuracy: Even a small amount of wear in your spindles can result in a decrease in accuracy. Once rebuilt, your Fadal spindle will be back to offering the best possible accuracy.


Contact our Colonial Tool Group team today and let us take care of your Fadal spindle, spindle motor and spindle drive so you can get back to work!