Fischer Precision Spindle Repair and Rebuild

Do you own or run a metal or woodworking shop that relies on Fischer Precision’s spindles in your daily operations? Fischer spindles are a top choice for many types of milling, grinding and drilling applications due to their high-precision performance and ability to withstand the rigors of heavy use. Fischer spindles will help you achieve your production goals while minimizing costly downtime.

While Fischer machine tools are known for their reliability, even a high-quality spindle may malfunction on occasion. That’s when it’s time to contact the experts at Colonial Tool Group for assistance. We have extensive experience working with Fischer products. We offer premium Fischer spindle repair service, including 24-hour service to handle emergencies. We can also rebuild Fischer spindles to their original condition.

About Fischer

Located in Racine, WI, the Fischer USA product family includes widely recognized brands such as Fischer Spindle Group, Precise, Fortuna and Fischer Engineering. Fischer spindles feature the most advanced technological innovations, which enable them to meet the most stringent operating requirements and applications. The Precise product line provides the ideal solution when smaller spindles are the best option for high-precision milling, grinding and drilling tasks.

Our Fischer Spindle Repair Services

CTGI’s Fischer spindle repair process is designed to identify and correct a mechanical or performance issue and get your equipment back to your shop as quickly as possible. Our methodology includes conducting a series of internal and external inspection and testing steps to attain a full understanding of the cause of the spindle failure.

We also have an in-house engineering staff that can address any design flaws impeding spindle operation. What’s more, our service technicians have the expertise to repair individual spindle components such as motors and envelopes or replace them if necessary.


Our Fischer Spindle Rebuild Services

Are you working with an older Fischer spindle model that no longer meets your performance expectations? Instead of investing in new equipment, why not consider a Fischer spindle rebuild instead? Our capable assemblers can refurbish an aging unit to like-new condition. We’ll replace damaged or worn components with cost-effective substitutes procured by our purchasing team. We can even reverse-engineer spindles to provide you with a duplicate of the rebuilt model, so you’ll have a spare on hand whenever you need it.

CTGI: An Experienced Spindle Services Provider You Can Trust

Colonial Tool Group has proudly served machine shops across the USA and North America for more than 80 years. We’re known for our prompt service and close attention to detail that ensures the best results for your repair or rebuild project. We’re committed to helping every customer improve the performance of their shops, while also reducing equipment downtime and lowering the cost per piece.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Fischer Spindle Rebuild and Repair Services

Don’t settle for second best when it comes to something as important as the performance of your machine spindles. Contact the pros at Colonial Tool Group to learn more about the benefits of our Fischer spindle repair and rebuild services today.