Hardinge Spindle Repair

Even the best spindles require maintenance and repair as they wear. Hardinge is a well-recognized and respected brand and can be found across a wide range of industries, including on many popular models of lathes and carousels. If your Hardinge spindles are no longer performing correctly or require a rebuild, Colonial Tool Group is your solution. Our highly trained technicians are familiar with the entire range of Hardinge spindles and can return them to OEM condition to get you back to work. You invest good money in your industrial tools and equipment, so get the most from your investment by trusting your spindle rebuilds and maintenance to our dedicated team.

Step-by-Step Analysis and Repair

When we receive your broken spindles, we don't tear them apart right away. Our expert technicians take the time to inspect and analyze your spindles to determine what is wrong with them. This helps us gain valuable information on what might have gone wrong and can give us hints on what is wrong. Upon reception, we perform a range of analysis that can include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Vibration testing
  • Installation and preload testing
  • Initial disassembly

Once we know what is wrong with your Hardinge spindles, we contact you and advise which steps are necessary to repair them. In some cases, we can repair or replace certain components and rebuild your spindles, while in other cases they require machining and more in-depth repair. Our team is trained to recognize the signs of failure and use a methodical approach to repairing your Hardinge lathe spindles so that you get many more reliable hours out of them.

Full Testing Means They're Ready to Go

Inspecting Spindle.jpg

Some smaller tool repair companies will simply rebuild spindles and lathe tools and ship them back. At Colonial Tool Group, we take the time and care to measure and test your spindles after repair and rebuild to ensure they are functioning properly. If necessary, we make adjustments to eliminate grinding, whining and friction. When you trust us to rebuild your Hardinge spindles, you can be sure you're getting an OEM-quality spindle back that you can install right away. Avoid the costly downtime and frequent work stoppages you get with low-cost spindle repairs from businesses that don't know Hardinge spindles.

It's easy to obtain a free quote from our spindle repair specialists. Simply fill in our online quote form and provide as many details as possible. Tell us about any issues you're having with your spindles and describe the problems you have encountered. Our goal is to get your spindles back in your hands as soon as possible so that you can get your shop floor or tooling room up and running again.

Come and discover why more and more customers are trusting their Hardinge spindle repair and maintenance to Colonial Tool Group. We have the experience, knowledge and training necessary to deliver fast and consistent rebuilds on all models of Hardinge spindles. Your business demands reliable and precise spindles to keep your shop floor running smoothly, so ask for your free spindle repair quote today.