Helical Spline Broaching Tools

Colonial Tool Group provides manufacturing and repair services for helical spline broaches. We bring a high level of experience and expertise to everything we do, making us an ideal partner to some of the world’s most demanding industries.

When it comes to tooling, accuracy and durability are of critical importance. Your ability to meet your production goals and maintain profitability depends on reliable equipment. We have more than 80 years of experience working with demanding clients and can help you find solutions that are right for your organization.

What Is a Helical Spline Broach?

A helical spline broach — also known as a spiral broach or continuous engagement broach — is a type of broach that creates an internal spiral in a pre-drilled hole. Several applications use helical spline broaches, including automotive transmission and firearms manufacturing. Spiral broaches are one of the most difficult to machine — tooling must be highly precise to create the intricate grooves involved in these components. However, with the right broach, mass production of gears and related parts is fast and economical.

Colonial Tool Group’s technical capabilities include manufacturing helical and spiral gullet teeth broaches in a variety of sizes and configurations. We engineer our broaches to deliver smooth finishes that produce less vibration and longer tool life. While our helical spline broaches may be more expensive than others, in return you are getting a higher-quality tool that will deliver improved long-term value.

Helical Spline Repair and Refinishing

Colonial Tool Group’s engineering and machining expertise makes us an ideal partner for broach repair and sharpening, too. We can quickly turn around helical spline broach sharpening projects — often in 24 hours or less — and arrange fast shipping to and from your location, if required.

All work begins with a thorough inspection and measurement of your broach. From there, we can straighten, deburr and sharpen the tool to bring it as close to the original specification as possible. If repairs are required, we can provide that, too. Our technicians perform all work in-house, which helps us exercise a high level of quality control.

Maximize Your Investment With Colonial Tool Group

Helical spline broaches and other tools are an important part of your operation. Regular maintenance is required to ensure accuracy and productivity. As your trusted partner, our goal is to help you make the most of your investment, whether you initially purchased your broach from us or not.

When we provide repair or sharpening services, we will strive to keep downtime to a minimum and to offer expert advice that helps you make informed decisions about critical equipment. We work with several automotive OEMs and suppliers, including GM, Chrysler, Ford and Magna. With a combined 100,000 square feet of production space spread across locations in Canada, Michigan and Mexico, we are well-positioned to serve clients throughout North America.

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