HELLER Spindle Repairs and Rebuilds

Colonial Tool Group has extensive experience repairing and rebuilding HELLER spindles. We work with manufacturers around the country to provide cost-effective solutions that help them get the most use out of their existing CNC machinery. With a reputation for engineering excellence, accuracy and quality control, we can turn around any project quickly, with respect for your timelines and your budget.

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Rebuilding a HELLER Spindle

Complete spindle rebuilds are one of our main specialties at Colonial Tool Group. We can restore aging tools back to like-new condition, often for considerably less than the cost of a replacement. The rebuilding process will typically involve:

·         An extensive visual inspection and bench testing. We take care to document all visible damage and wear before proceeding with any further work. We also perform a number of bench tests, including a vibration analysis and measurement of drawbar pull force, encoder readings, axial compliance, air purge flow and more, which allow us to determine where particular attention is needed.

·         A complete disassembly and cleaning. Every HELLER spindle we work on is taken apart and rebuilt from the ground up. This gives our team a chance to clean out any built-up grime and other contaminants, and test individual components for fit and size. With this information, we will put together a repair plan and detailed estimate for your approval.

·         Replacing wearable components. We will then source out bearings, seals and other wearable items that need to be replaced to restore your HELLER spindle to like-new condition. If possible, we will attempt to provide you with several options and help you make a smart decision that will offer the best overall value.

·         Reassembly and testing. With new components installed, your spindle will be put back together and tested once more. We will then provide extensive documentation showing the performance improvements delivered by the rebuild process.

All told, most HELLER spindle rebuilds can be completed in two to three weeks. All assembly work is performed by the same technician, which improves accountability and helps ensure the job is done right the first time. As a result of this, we are able to offer a one-year warranty on all rebuilds.

HELLER Spindle Repairs

If your HELLER spindle doesn’t require a full rebuild, we can provide individual component repairs and replacements to correct any performance issues you have. Thanks to our 24-hour repair capabilities, our team members work around the clock to get you back up and running quickly. 

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HELLER spindles are an important part of CNC machining in some of today’s leading manufacturers. Don’t leave their repair or servicing to anyone but the experts. Colonial Tool Group has the expertise, the technology and the quality control processes necessary to complete demanding work to the highest tolerances.

We are happy to offer all our customers free initial estimates as well as in-depth consultations about how best to handle an older HELLER CNC machine repair. Get in touch by phone or email to speak with one of our experts directly.