Huller Hille Machine Tool Repair

Huller Hille 4- and 5-axis machine centers are standard equipment in machine shops across the United States and North America. These flexible manufacturing systems are known for their rugged construction, remarkable productivity and unsurpassed durability. The latest Huller Hille models are designed and engineered to deliver increased output at a lower cost per part, making them a welcome addition to any machining operation looking for ways to minimize expenses without sacrificing performance.

Colonial Tool Group: A Full-Service Huller Hille Solutions Provider

Keeping your Huller Hille machines in peak operating condition is essential maintaining the productivity of your machine shop. Colonial Tool Group has the expertise and resources to perform timely Huller Hille spindle repair service, including 24-hour emergency service when needed, and reduce unproductive downtime. We can also refurbish Huller Hille spindles, offering a cost-effective alternative to a spindle replacement.

About Huller Hille

Huller Hille GmbH is a leading global manufacturer of advanced vertical and horizontal machining centers and flexible manufacturing centers for a diverse range of industries, including rail, energy, automotive and many others. Founded in 1947 and currently headquartered in Mosbach, Germany, Huller Hille continues to be an innovator in the design, engineering and production of superior machine tool products that set the standard for the entire industry.


The CTGI Huller Hille Spindle Repair Process

Our painstaking spindle repair process can quickly identify and rectify most performance issues. Our extensive experience as a spindle manufacturer enables us to address just about any mechanical issue, such as:

  • Motor problems
  • Worn bearings
  • Improper axial compliance
  • Damage to the spindle envelope

We’ll perform a thorough visual inspection and comprehensive component inspection and testing to determine the cause of the failure. We’ll send you a detailed condition report and a “not to exceed” price quote before any work begins. Upon your approval, our expert service technicians will perform the necessary repair work with speed and efficiency.

Our Huller Hille Spindle Rebuild Service

In some cases, the damage or wear to your spindle may be well beyond the scope of a basic repair. In these situations, we often recommend rebuilding the spindle from the ground up. We’ll identify and replace all malfunctioning parts and components to restore the spindle to like-new condition. We’ll also test the reconstructed spindle to ensure it will meet your performance and durability requirements. We can complete a Huller Hille spindle rebuild in approximately 2-3 weeks.

Why Choose CTGI for Your Huller Hille Machine Tool Repair/Refurbishment Needs?

Along with our more than 80 years of machine tool experience, Colonial Tool Group is committed to doing whatever it takes to get your spindles back on the job as quickly as possible. Our team of accomplished service technicians, engineers, machinists and other skilled professionals will work hard to deliver a rapid solution that meets your needs and budget.

Learn more about the benefits of relying on Colonial Tool Group for all your Huller Hille spindle repair and rebuild needs. Contact us for additional service and pricing information today.