Hurco CNC Mill and Spindle Repair Services


If you use Hurco CNC machines in your operation, they’re likely making a valuable contribution to the success and profitability of your business. The latest Hurco CNC milling machines feature advanced WinMax software specifically designed to enhance small batch/high mix production efficiency.

Colonial Tool Group is fully equipped to take on all your Hurco repair needs. We have the equipment, manpower and expertise to handle everything from Hurco spindle repairs to complete CNC milling machine refurbishments. We specialize in fast project turnaround times (including 24-hour emergency spindle repair service) so you can keep your tight production schedules on track.

About Hurco

Since the company’s founding in 1968, the leadership at Hurco has understood the importance of technology – specifically, computer technology – in maximizing the performance of machine tools and making them easier for people to operate. All Hurco equipment is manufactured in the USA and contains the most advanced technologies that enable machinists to produce more work in less time, while minimizing tedious and redundant tasks.

Count on CTGI for Complete Hurco Spindle Repair and Rebuild Service

Our expert Hurco spindle repair service is a multi-faceted process that is designed to detect and remedy all types of mechanical and other performance issues. Our procedure entails conducting a comprehensive visual inspection, testing, disassembling and washing and internal components inspection until we gain a full understanding of the spindle failure cause. If we determine that the problem results from a design flaw, our engineering staff will outline the necessary improvements. We’ll contact you to provide a detailed analysis and pricing information before any work begins.

We can also rebuild a severely damaged or worn-out Hurco spindle from the ground up. Our Huron spindle rebuild methodology includes comprehensive pretesting and disassembly to determine which components have failed and require replacing. Our purchasing staff will explore every available option to keep your component costs under control. We can complete most spindle rebuild projects in three weeks or less.

We Can Also Perform Hurco CNC Mill Repairs and Rebuilds


If you need prompt repair or refurbishment of your Huron CNC milling machines, CTGI can help. Alternatives to refurbishment include:

  • Rebuilding, which offers a cost-effective solution for older machines with reliable CNC controls
  • Retrofitting, which works well for machines with malfunctioning CNC controls that are otherwise mechanically sound
  • Remanufacturing, which is a more complex procedure that includes a combination of rebuilding and retrofitting

We’ll assist you in determining the best method for your needs and budget.

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Colonial Tool Group has been meeting the most demanding machine tool challenges for well over 80 years. Our capable team of service technicians, engineers, machinists and other skilled professionals is committed to finding a targeted solution for every customer. With locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico, we can provide fast, reliable service to machine shops throughout North America.

Contact us to learn more about our premium Hurco repair and rebuild services today.