Jager Spindle Repair

Are you having issues with your Jager spindles and don't know where to turn for diagnosis and repair? Our experienced team here at Colonial Tool Group has decades of experience as a leading tool manufacturer and repair company and understands the intricacies of high-performance Jager spindles. When we rebuild a spindle, we make sure it's up to OEM standards or higher, so that you're sure to get many more reliable hours out of your investment. You wouldn't trust your high-end car to just any repair shop, so don't trust your high-end Jager spindles to anyone but Colonial Tool Group.

Our technicians have trained on a wide range of spindle brands and models and know how to properly inspect, verify and rebuild these advanced spindles. Jager puts a large amount of engineering into their products to deliver the best mix of performance, reliability and precision. Don't let a shoddy rebuild job cause you downtime or production headaches or force you to scrap your rebuilt spindles after a short time. Instead, trust them to our expert hands and let Colonial Tool Group rebuild your spindles like they were new.

Step-by-Step Analysis and Repair

You may not be sure why your spindles aren't working properly, but you do know you want them back in your shop as quickly as possible and ready to put back in service. Our technicians follow a standard diagnosis plan every time we receive broken spindles, to ensure we are delivering a consistent and reliable rebuild every time:

  • We start with a thorough inspection of your parts to check for damage
  • We perform vibration analysis when necessary to check for function issues
  • We photograph and document as we analyze to keep track of our work
  • We measure critical and functional dimensions and check for out-of-tolerance conditions
  • We replace all worn and broken parts with OEM or better replacements
  • We re-chrome and machine as required to return your spindles to like-new condition
  • Upon reassembly, we test and verify to ensure your spindles are ready for service

This thorough approach to Jager spindle repair is what sets us apart from the competition. We work quickly to diagnose and repair your spindles and get them back into your hands. Staying on schedule and meeting the needs of your customers means you need reliable spindles that you can count on, so choose a repair specialist like Colonial Tool Group that has a proven track record in Jager spindle repair and maintenance.

How to Obtain a Free Quote

Spindle Diagnostics.jpg

It only takes a few minutes to obtain your free quote for your Jager spindle rebuild. Simply follow the link to our online quote form and provide us with as many details as possible. One of our expert technicians will get back to you with a quote to get your spindles back into like-new condition. We're proud to service top spindle brands like Jager and will prove to you that we are the best choice around for quality industrial spindle and machining tooling repair.