Kessler Spindle Repair

Few spindle manufacturers have the impressive range of sizes and performances that Kessler has. A trusted name in the business, Kessler spindles can be relied on day in and day out to deliver reliable service. When they eventually do wear out, as all spindles do, or if they suffer a major failure, the unplanned downtime can cause major problems for your production schedule. At the first sign of abnormal wear — or as part of a regular maintenance program — contact our team here at Colonial Tool Group.

Our experienced technicians will analyze your spindle problems and propose the right solutions, ranging from:

  • General maintenance and cleaning
  • Repair of worn or damaged parts
  • Full rebuild including re-chroming and machining to OEM specs

In all cases, when you trust your valuable Kessler spindles to us, we return them to you in like-new condition so you can get many more hours of reliable service from them. You won't find a better combination of customer service, expert knowledge and fast repairs than with Colonial Tool Group.

Getting to the Bottom of Your Spindle Failure

If you run your spindles all day, every day, you know they're eventually going to wear out. In some cases, improper use or manufacturing issues can lead to catastrophic failure (such as a broken spindle, dislodged bearings and more). No matter what goes wrong with your Kessler spindles, our team is ready to rebuild them.

We take the same methodical steps with every spindle we receive, to ensure consistent and reliable service for our customers:

  • Initial inspection and documentation of damage and wear
  • Vibration analysis on our test bench if necessary
  • Checking of all critical tolerances and dimensions
  • Full disassembly to check for abnormal wear or broken components
  • Replacement and rebuilding using OEM-quality parts
  • Full testing to ensure your spindle is ready to be put back to work

This step-by-step approach guarantees we don't miss anything and in many cases helps us understand why your spindles failed. We can give you tips on installing, using and maintaining your Kessler spindles to get the most out of them after their rebuild. We understand the costs involved with replacing spindles and how disruptive unplanned downtime is, so you know we will work quickly to find useful solutions.

Your Free Quote Is a Few Clicks Away

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It only takes a moment to fill in our online quote form, so tell us about the issues you're having with your Kessler spindles and we will get started preparing your quote. Any information on tool hours, noticeable vibrations or sounds, visible damage or wear and other use-related conditions can help us pinpoint what's wrong with your spindles. One of our expert technicians will get back to you and discuss your case and get your quote to you quickly.

We never start rebuilding your spindles without your approval. We pride ourselves on our excellent communication and customer service, so you can count on us to work closely with you to get your spindles back on your shop floor so you can get back to work. Come and discover the benefits of working with a proven leader like Colonial Tool Group for all of your Kessler spindle maintenance and repair needs today!