Kitamura CNC Machine Spindle Repair From Colonial Tool Group

High-speed Kitamura spindles are popular in the industry for a reason: They combine excellent performance, accuracy and reliability, and can be counted on to get the job done. Like all tools, Kitamura spindles aren’t free from eventual wear and tear, and when the spindle does require repair, it’s time to call Colonial Tool Group. With more than 70 years of experience in the machining and tooling industry, we know Kitamura CNC machine spindles well, and have the knowledge and talent to service them.

Step by Step

There are several steps involved in every Kitamura spindle repair service, and at Colonial Tool Group we have perfected our procedure to give you fast, reliable spindle repairs every time:

  • We start with a pretest on our test bench to assess your Kitamura spindle. It’s important to know and document the current status of your spindle, especially if it still functions. Tests like vibration analysis, pull force measurement, encoder readings and tooling runouts give us the information we need to understand what is wrong with your Kitamura spindle.

  • The next step is disassembly of your spindle and/or machine. This is where we get right down to the root cause, and can see what has gone wrong. There are always telltale signs of wear or damage, and our trained experts will make note of everything they observe. They also measure and document your bearing journals, housing, shoulder and more, including detailed photographs.


  • Once we know what is wrong with your Kitamura spindle, we can create a plan to repair it. This step involves the purchasing department, which is responsible for finding the best-quality replacement parts – such as bearings – that will be required for your spindle repair. We check for availability and make sure the necessary parts are available.

  • At this point, we always contact the customer and present them with a detailed teardown report. We explain the situation and propose our solution. Only when you understand the work to be done and give your approval do we get started repairing your Kitamura spindle or CNC milling machine. We respect our customers, and want to earn your trust.


  • The final step is performing the repairs to your Kitamura spindle and/or CNC milling machine. We always ensure our repairs are done in accordance with the original manufacturers’ specifications, and return your equipment as good if not better than before. We do a thorough run-in period, and verify your machine and spindle before returning them.

We always do our best to fit our machine tool intervention into your schedule, and minimize your downtime. With your Kitamura spindle repaired, you get back the full productivity, performance and reliability potential of your high-speed spindle and CNC milling machine.

Commitment and Dedication

Our entire team at Colonial Tool Group is committed to offering you the machine tool repair service you need to get back to work. We take care of your Kitamura CNC machine and spindle so you can focus on your customers. We look forward to creating a relationship with you, and becoming a valued partner in your success. Contact us today for your free quote, and discover where our great reputation comes from!