Klingelnberg Spindle Repair

When you're looking for the best mix of performance, precision and reliability, you want to choose a trusted brand of spindle. For top-quality air-bearing spindles, Klingelnberg is hard to beat. Their advanced engineering and durable construction make them a great choice to avoid costly downtime. Once your Klingelnberg bearings do need repair, you can entrust them to our highly trained team here at Colonial Tool Group. We will take the steps to get them back into like-new condition, which allows you to get the best return on your tooling investment.

We Maintain and Rebuild Klingelnberg Spindles

The key to saving money in the long run and keeping your machines and production running reliably is performing regular inspection and maintenance of your spindles. At Colonial Tool Group, we have experience with Klingelnberg spindle maintenance and repair and can rebuild any model. We apply a systematic approach to inspecting, diagnosing and repairing spindles to ensure that you get them back ready to install for many more hours of reliable turning.

It's easy to obtain a free quote from Colonial Tool. Simply fill in our online quote form with details on the type of spindle maintenance or service you need. Our experts will get back to you with questions about the type, condition and specifics of your Klingelnberg spindles and prepare a quote for your repairs.

Steps to Rebuilding Your Air Spindles

Once we receive your spindle for repair, we follow the same methodical steps we do with every spindle rebuild job:

  • Inspect and document the condition of your incoming spindles
  • Careful disassembly, taking pictures and notes as we proceed
  • Analysis of internal features, dimensions and damage
  • Thorough cleaning and measurement of all components
  • Reassembly with new or rebuilt parts where necessary
  • Complete testing and verification before signing off on the rebuild
Close Spindle Inspection.jpg

The result is a quality rebuild that gets your Klingelberg spindles back into like-new condition. These high-quality spindles are commonly used in rotary spray coating, carbide grinding, rotary scanning, wafer dicing, electrostatic paint spraying and other industries and applications where high rotational precision is required.

We treat each spindle rebuild as a unique case and can replate, rechrome, grind, resize, polish and install bearings, collars and other components to OEM specifications. Other spindle repair companies treat all spindles the same and fail to take into account the unique characteristics of Klingelnberg spindles. You can trust our highly trained technicians to analyze your bearings and ensure they're ready for many more hours of reliable service once you get them back.

Contact Colonial Tool Group for a Free Quote

It only takes a moment to request a free Colonial Tool quote, so tell us about the Klingelnberg spindle repair and maintenance you require and we will get back to you shortly. We are proud to be a world-class tooling and spindle manufacturer and repair company and have the experience necessary to handle all of your air spindle repairs. Don't trust your valuable Klingelnberg spindles to just anyone: let your trusted partner Colonial Tool Group deliver top-notch service and get you quickly back to work.