Colonial Tool Specializes in The Machine Repair & Rebuild For Top Brands


Machine rebuilding is the most economical solution for some machine tools. Old machines equipped with a reliable CNC control can be thoroughly restored. Colonial offers expert rebuilding, repair, and reconditioning services for: old, out of date machine tools that meet or surpass OEM specifications, and operating accuracy. Don't waste money duplicating parts by purchasing a new machine; seize the opportunity to restore only what is necessary and keep the original functioning parts. Colonial's complete and comprehensive machine rebuilding services will increase productivity, and reliability, while reducing down time and maintenance costs. All brands of industrial precision machinery, domestic and foreign, can be restored to original mechanical specifications at significantly reduced costs. Colonial is a precision machine tool facility with over 70 years of experience.


For machine tools that are mechanically efficient, but have a malfunctioning CNC control, a retrofit can be significantly less costly than buying a new machine. Modernize old CNC, NC controls for increased reliability and productivity.


Colonial offers more than just the opportunity to rebuild and upgrade a machine. A re-manufacture is a more complex and comprehensive process, which includes the proceedings of both a rebuild and retrofit. The machine is partially or totally redesigned in order to increase the efficiency and productivity. Our experienced engineers will assess your process and deliver innovative solutions, that while being cost effective will also maximize your productivity. This procedure can save half the expense of buying a machine new.

machine rebuild
machine rebuild
machine rebuild