MAG Specht Spindle Repair and Rebuild


MAG Specht is one of the most reputable global manufacturers of machining tools and equipment. Are Specht spindles an integral part of your machine shop’s operation? Do you need a reliable partner that can handle all your spindle repair and rebuild needs? You’ve come to the right place!

At Colonial Tool Group, we have the resources and knowledge to handle the most challenging Specht spindle repair and rebuild projects. We also have the expertise to recommend the right process for your needs and budget. By understanding the important role spindles play in any machine shop environment, we focus on completing all repair and rebuild tasks as quickly as possible to keep unproductive downtime to a minimum.

About MAG Specht Spindles

A member of MAG Maintenance Technologies, the Specht family of agile production systems and equipment includes multiple single- and dual-spindle options to meet any machining application. The revolutionary Specht DUO series is the most accurate dual spindle model in its class. It’s designed to deliver single-spindle precision on a DUO center, enabling easy synchronization with the workpieces. Other key features include comprehensive temperature compensation down to the workpiece and taper cleaning for long-lasting tool precision.

Our Specht Spindle Repair Service

In many cases, a quick repair job is all that’s necessary to remedy a Comau spindle performance issue. Our Comau spindle repair process begins with a visual inspection to detect obvious structural damage or mechanical defects. We also have the in-house equipment to conduct comprehensive testing to uncover hidden problems. If necessary, we’ll disassemble the spindle to perform a more thorough inspection. We’ll then complete the repair work and conduct additional testing to ensure the spindle is functioning properly.


Our Comau Spindle Rebuild Process

No matter what type of Specht spindle you use in your machine shop operation, you can count on Colonial Tool Group for prompt, efficient repair service. Our time-tested spindle repair process includes a thorough visual inspection by a capable service technician to determine the exact cause of the problem, whether it’s contamination, a motor problem, damage to the spindle envelope or something else. We’ll also conduct a series of performance checks to gather additional diagnostic information.

In addition, we’ll inspect all components to gain a better understanding of why the spindle failed. We’ll then perform the necessary repairs, reassemble the unit and conduct additional testing before shipping the spindle back to your facility.

Our Specht Spindle Rebuild Service

Our spindle refurbishment process includes pretesting for vibratory analysis, tooling mount run-outs and other factors to help us determine the complexity of the rebuilding task. We’ll then disassemble the unit to get a firsthand look at any wear or damage to the interior components. You will receive a detailed report and a cost estimate before any work begins. Upon your approval, we’ll start the rebuilding process, which normally takes 2-3 weeks.

Why Choose CTGI for Your Specht Machine Rebuild/Repair Needs?

Colonial Tool Group has been in the machine business for more than 80 years. Besides being spindle manufacturers ourselves, we have extensive experience working with nearly every major spindle brand on the market. We also take pride in our fast turnaround times — 24-hour repair service is available for emergency situations.

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