Makino Spindle Repairs

Getting your Makino spindle repaired, rebuilt or replaced with a custom spindle can get your operations back on their feet to minimize downtime and return to peak performance.

Colonial Tool is one of the few facilities that can return your equipment to OEM operational status, with the engineering expertise and the manufacturing capabilities to solve any problem you face. We test each and every element of your Makino spindle to ensure that our repair and rebuild services test for any breakages or weak points and ensure that the spindle we return operates properly as soon as it’s returned to you.

About Makino Spindles

Makino’s spindles are some of the top options on the market, with uniquely engineered functions and strength that provide support for a wide range of industrial applications. Many of Makino's spindles rely on patented technologies designed around performance with custom elements.

Colonial Tool has a long history of working with Makino spindle repair, and many of its direct-drive spindles have a complex design with a wide range of sensors, encoders and more. This complexity makes the Makino spindle a very desirable tool, and we work hard to get your equipment back to that desirable status.

High-Quality Testing and Procedures

At Colonial Tool, we understand these patented technologies and can offer you the highest level of quality for every Makino spindle rebuild, reaching factory standards that you’re used to for your equipment.

Here is a broad look at the services that come with each item in our Makino spindle repair services:

  • Free, no-obligation quotes online or over the phone

  • Visual and individual component inspections along with failure analysis testing

  • Engineer reviews components and problem areas.

  • Reports detailing your Makino spindle repair and rebuild options. We don’t make a move until you review the options, costs, and let us know your preferences.

  • Components not within original tolerances are reworked or replaced.

  • Dimensions of all geometric inspections are performed to reworked features and documented to ensure quality.

  • Final testing follows sections VI.A.5 and VI.B.1 through 3.

  • Product is properly labelled and painted to resist corrosion, then returned to you.

Every repair is focused on returning your Makino spindle to proper working order. In the event that you need a rebuild, we can work with you to increase the turnaround time and provide you a new spindle that we back with the Colonial Tool name.

Custom Makino Spindle Development

If you determine that a Makino spindle rebuild isn’t the right move, Colonial Tool can help manufacture and engineer a custom solution specifically designed for your operations. While lead times for custom work can vary, we work hard to deliver each new item in a timely fashion to get your operations back up and running.

Contact Colonial Tool to learn more about our custom development options and what this means for your business.

There’s never any reason to settle on a sub-par company for your Makino spindle repair services. We offer you a free quote and can help give you a product that will have a long life. Reach out with your questions and our experts will return the answers you need, from component concerns to timeframes and upgrade options.