Mazak CNC Machine Spindle Repair Services

Colonial Tool offers you a quick turnaround on all of our Mazak CNC spindle repair services. Our engineers and technicians rely on state-of-the-art equipment to deliver high-speed, precision repairs on your Mazak CNC lathe spindle, machine spindle or motors.

We can provide you with complete OEM parts for all repairs, or we can custom fabricate any elements you need for a change in your operational capabilities. Mazak’s five access machine centers and other lathe machines are vital to your operations, and we’ll help you get them up and running to save you time and money.

About Mazak

Mazak is a large manufacturer based out of a manufacturing campus in Florence, Kentucky. The company continually invests in its technology, which has led to spindles and motors that are quickly becoming industry standards.

Colonial Tool works with Mazak spindle repairs and rebuilds all year long, through a custom build house with engineering and a full manufacturing capability. We offer 24-hour service with quick turnaround times and reliable products that will minimize your downtime.

You chose right when you chose Mazak. Choose right again when you turn to Colonial Tool for all of your Mazak CNC machine spindle repairs.

Mazak Motor and Spindle Services We Provide

Colonial Tool offers a variety of services for Mazak products. Some of our most common services include:

  • Mazak CNC machine spindle repair

  • Mazak CNC lathe spindle repair

  • Mazak CNC spindle repair

  • Mazak motor repair

  • Mazak spindle rebuild

Colonial operates a large warehouse and manufacturing facility that can handle any aspect of the Mazak spindle repair or rebuild you need. Every product is tested for full operational capability, down to the individual parts, to ensure that you’re getting high-quality repairs the first time.

High-Quality Testing and Procedures

Every item that comes to Colonial Tool is reviewed thoroughly across a wide range of tests. Machine audits, stability tests and vibration analyses are all par for the course, along with our component-level tests and cleaning. Our inspection department uses the latest in auditing technology to ensure that every product we receive is understood and every repair we ship will operate correctly right away.

Colonial offers complete design capabilities to guarantee that what we engineer will operate properly. Schematics and designs are tested and observed in a variety of software packages including 3D Solidworks, AutoCAD and CadKey. All designs are rigorously analyzed so we know they can be manufactured consistently and in a high-quality way, ensuring a cost-effective solution to even the most complex problems.

Work with Colonial Tool on your next project and you’ll see why our experts are often called to customer sites to start resolving issues with our competitors’ products and repairs.

Contact Colonial Tool

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The goal of Colonial Tool is to quickly repair or rebuild your Mazak spindle and keep it operational throughout its lifetime. We adhere to repair best practices that aim to limit any chance of voiding a warranty, and can provide guarantees for any custom manufacturing that we provide.