Spindles for the Military and Defense Industry

Military, aerospace and defense contractors are held to a much higher standard than civilian manufacturers. Releasing a poor-quality product not only jeopardizes your reputation among your clients, but it can also potentially put lives at risk. For this reason, these industries require exceptional precision in all things.

Investing in high-quality spindles and other tooling is part of meeting your quality control goals. In fact, it's often one of the first steps in ensuring that any part or component you produce meets the tight dimensional tolerances required by government agencies and related regulations.

Our Expertise

Colonial Tool Group traces its roots back to 1929. Since our founding, we have remained at the forefront of industrial tooling technology by investing in state-of-the-art equipment and training for our staff. Our team of in-house engineers can turn around any project quickly. Our three locations in Michigan, Canada and Mexico offer a combined 100,000 square feet of production space.

In the past, we have been a partner to some of the largest military, defense and aerospace contractors in North America. Our clients count on us for expertise and exceptional value in everything we do. Ultimately, our goal goes beyond providing effective spindle repairs — we recognize that our work also plays a role in keeping people safe around the world.

Spindle Repair and Rebuilding

Spindles are a key part of the manufacturing process. Keeping them working their best is essential to protecting your investment and delivering quality for your clients. Colonial Tool Group is a recognized leader in military spindle repair. We service all tooling makes and models, including metal cutting, belt-driven and electric spindles by companies such as Kessler, GMN and Weiss .

Our engineers follow a thorough, step-by-step process that can be customized based on the needs of your spindle. We begin each repair with a visual inspection and detailed testing, noting the original results for comparison with post-repair values. Each spindle is then disassembled, cleaned and repaired as necessary.

In the case of a more thorough rebuild, we will switch out each wearable component with a carefully sourced replacement. This effectively restores your spindle to like-new condition, adding years of life at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Spindle Manufacturing

In addition to the repair services we provide for other manufacturers, we also offer custom spindles for the military and defense industries. Products include CNC machine spindles , motorized spindles , multi-drill and tap heads, and various specialty products . Our products deliver excellent long-term value in demanding applications, where they can be counted on for better reliability and accuracy when compared against a cheaper alternative. To learn more about our products, visit our Spindle Manufacturing page or contact a representative directly.

Getting Started

We are happy to provide a free quote for any spindle fabrication, repair or rebuilding. The first step is to contact a representative and learn more. Visit our Contact Us page for details. With three locations, we are well-positioned to provide fast turnkey service to customers throughout North America.