Mitsubishi Spindle Repair and Rebuild


Are you in need of a reliable vendor for repairing or rebuilding your Mitsubishi spindles? While Mitsubishi spindles are known for their remarkable performance and unrivaled longevity, even a high-quality Mitsubishi product can fail on occasion, and that demands prompt service to avoid costly interruptions to your normal machine shop operating procedures.

At Colonial Tool Group, we understand the need to complete spindle repair work with speed and efficiency. We have the knowledge, resources and expertly trained personnel to handle any Mitsubishi spindle repair or refurbishment job as quickly as possible. We even offer 24-hour emergency repair service to keep nonproductive downtime to a minimum.

We’re Experts at Mitsubishi Machine Tool and Servo Motor Repair

Mitsubishi servo motors and drives provide the power for many world-class spindle products. Mitsubishi Electric produces top-performing spindle motors that combine high speed with remarkable efficiency and are designed to minimize motor energy loss. CTGI has the expertise to take on any Mitsubishi servo drive or motor repair job. We can also rebuild Mitsubishi motors to like-new condition, which can often prevent the need for premature replacement.

Our Mitsubishi Spindle Repair Process

Our carefully developed spindle repair process can remedy most common mechanical issues. In many cases, a close visual inspection can reveal motor problems, contamination and other signs of trouble that affect spindle performance.

We’ll also conduct a series of tests that will provide additional insight into the overall condition of the motor and other critical spindle components. Once we’ve determined why the spindle failed, we’ll send a detailed report along with a formal quotation. Upon your approval, we’ll complete the necessary repair work and promptly ship the spindle back to your facility.

Our Mitsubishi Spindle Rebuild Process

CTGI has the in-house capabilities to perform a complete Mitsubishi spindle rebuild in three weeks or less. We’ll pretest the spindle to determine the current motor condition and other key performance factors to ascertain the complexity of the refurbishing task. We’ll then disassemble the unit, take photos of any damaged components and send them to you along with all relevant documentation for your approval. We make a point of conducting any extensive component search to keep your project costs under control.

We’re constantly looking to upgrade our equipment to ensure the best possible spindle rebuild services to our customers. Recent acquisitions include two major drives that can accommodate any servo motorized spindle on the market — including Mitsubishi models. We’ve also purchased a state-of-the-art Digital Calibration and Measurement Unit and a high-pressure lubrication system.

CTGI: Providing High-Quality Machining Solutions for More Than 80 Years

At CTGI, we recognize every time a spindle or spindle motor or drive fails, it costs your company money and hinders your ability to serve your customers. That’s why we’ve designed our spindle repair and rebuild services to get you back in business as quickly as possible. Our more than eight decades of experience enable us to deliver fast results in the most cost-effective manner.

Contact us to learn more about our Mitsubishi spindle drive rebuild and repair services today.