OKK CNC Spindle and Machine Repair Services

You can trust Colonial Tool to restore your OKK CNC spindles and motors to a like-new status.

When OKK CNC machine spindles break, you need a replacement as soon as possible to get your operation back up and running. However, going with the lowest-cost option often means you’ll experience another break soon after, due to poor engineering and non-quality-controlled manufacturing.

You deserve better, and so does your team.

Colonial Tool specializes in OKK spindle repairs and rebuilds, as well as OKK motor repairs, all designed to make the right repair, verify all new components and return it to you in time to keep your operations going.

About OKK

OKK has been creating horizontal and vertical machine tools since 1915, with complete in-house development. All parts in the OKK equipment you buy from the OEM contain only OKK original parts, such as spindles, gears, square slide guides and controllers. Its units are built to accommodate high feed rates and spindle speeds, with options that provide milling and off-center drilling without moving the unit.

OKK CNC Services We Provide

OKK CNC spindle repairs and rebuilds from Colonial Tool cover a broad range of services and applications. OKK creates spindles that provide heavy milling or can hold tight tolerances in mission-critical applications.

With decades of experience in the space, Colonial is able to monitor, troubleshoot, diagnose and repair any of your OKK CNC machinery. We can maintain the right balance for speed and quality to produce work specifically designed to maintain the life of your OKK equipment.

OKK CNC spindle and equipment repair services we offer include:

  • OKK CNC machine spindle repair
  • OKK CNC lathe spindle repair
  • OKK CNC spindle repair and rebuilds
  • OKK motor repair and rebuilds

Colonial Tool is able to repair and return original factory performance with operations and standards that maintain your existing warranty.

High-Quality Testing and Procedures

Our repair and restoration methods are designed specifically to maintain the quality of your OKK CNC spindles and get your machinery operational, while maximizing your efficiencies. We offer full support in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

As soon as your equipment arrives, we add it to our complete inspection list that includes a visual check, thorough testing, disassembly for individual component inspection and cleaning, and a full evaluation of the failure modes.

After identifying weak points, problem areas and failures of your OKK CNC machine, we contact you directly with multiple options to get your equipment back to its maximum efficiency. Our engineers will review your choices that may also include a custom tool development or specialized parts that can meet your specific industry application needs.

Contact Colonial Tool

Never settle when it comes to your OKK CNC machine spindle repair. Never pick a partner who won’t provide a free quote, doesn’t take the time to answer your questions or keeps you in the dark about repairs and your repair status.

Turn to Colonial Tool’s OKK CNC spindle repair service to have an affordable, professionally engineered solution designed to save you money over the long term by increasing the lifespan of your equipment. We’ll even start you off with a FREE QUOTE.