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Colonial ensures that the design and build of their Pot Broach Machine produces accurate external transmission gears and sprockets. Our machines are fast and powerful, making metal removal easy and efficient.

Our machines do not require a pit and can be made to the stroke and tonnage you require.
Send us your requirements and let Colonial design and build your turnkey solutions.

On these pages we show only three machine styles we delivered recently.  In the last decades we manufactured many "Pot-Broach" machines and each of them was also equipped with the part handling automation.
We custom design and build the automation required to receive the part from the previous operation, load and position the part into the machine, then unload the part and transfer to the next operation.

Our Engineering Department is ready to work closely with you to achieve a full integration of the machine with your process needs.

The pot is a housing with a hole in the center that is designed to hold many broaching tools, usually concentrically, throughout its entire inside diameter. The pot is then pushed over the piece part to be cut, or conversely, the piece part is pushed through the pot broaching tool. An example of a pot broaching operation would be the cutting of external splines on a gear.

Pot broaching refers to the process of cutting the entire outside diameter of a piece part, using multiple broaches which are held in a broach holder or ‘pot’.