We Offer Specialty Broach Solutions

Colonial Tool manufacturers the highest quality precision broaching tools and will service your tools regardless or original manufacturer. 24 hours total solution house will have your new tools ready for production even with inflexible deadlines. Send your broaching tools to Colonial for fast and reliable broach sharpening!

Specialty Broaches

Irregular shaped holes, of virtually all types and sizes, may be produced economically by broaching. Colonial has experience with a number of special internal and external shapes, some of which are:

Concave Broaches - used primarily to broach seat sectors.  We have a large amount of engineering and manufacturing experience with thesetools.  From in house design to final inspection and tryout, Colonial can ensure that you receive tools that produce parts to your part specifications.

Turbine Disc & Blades – the shape is generally referred to as Christmas Tree, Fur Tree or Pine Tree form.  Broaching is the only method that can cut these complex shapes with high precision, due to the types of high temperature heat-resistant alloys used for these turbines.

The accuracy and rigidity of the broaching machine (see our CNC Broaching Machines), broach holder, as well as the broach, must be closely scrutinized for this process to be efficient.  All are sufficient reasons to choose Colonial for your turnkey turbine disc requirements.

The more complex the application, the more you need Colonial. Established in 1934, Colonial has a large library of successful applications which, when matched with today's ingenuity, makes us the industry expert in specialty broach manufacturing and service. Contact us today to begin discussing the exact specifications of your process, and we will design a specialty broach that gets the job done and is built to last.