Colonial Tool Group uses three main seal arrangements to protect the spindle from contamination ingress.

  1. Comprehensive labyrinth seal and air purge
  2. Comprehensive labyrinth seal in conjunction with a V-ring face seal, ceramic coated retainer and air purge
  3. Simple labyrinth retainer accompanied by Impro VBX seal

Colonial Tool Group also used other purchased seals such as lip seals and mini-maze seals. however, their uses are less frequent. When severe environment conditions exist, special shrouding must be designed into the spindle and proper housekeeping by the customer is essential.

SEAL CONFIGURATION                                                            ADVANTAGES                                                                                    DISADVANTAGES

Comprehensive labyrinth seal with air purge



Comprehensive labyrinth seal with v-ring face seal and air purge




Impro VBX vapor block with or without simple labyrinth




Lip seals with air purge



Maze seals with air purge

  • No running components
  • No power loss
  • Infinite speed
  • No heat from seals


  • Low power consumption
  • Positive seal when idle
  • High speed capability
  • No power loss or heat after lift off speed
  • good life


  • Low power consumption
  • Positive seal at idle
  • High speed capability
  • No power loss or heat after lift off speed
  • Good life
  • Can be used without air purge


  • Positive sealing at all points



  • Very low power loss and heat buildup
  • High speed capability
  • limited protection when spindle is idle
  • compressed air consumption
  • requires consideration of guarding


  • Compressed air consumption
  • Some heat develops at slow speeds
  • Ceramic surface required




  • Smaller size limitation
  • Expensive
  • Easily damaged when exposed to rough environment


  • Lower life
  • Slow speed capabilites
  • high heat and power loss
  • Compressed air consumption


  • good life
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Easily damaged