Spintec Spindle Repair and Rebuild Services

If you’ve ever experienced the unexpected breakdown of a spindle in your slotting, milling, grinding, deburring or drilling equipment, you know how disruptive this can be to your entire operation. Colonial Tool Group is your source for prompt, reliable repair and rebuild services for all leading manufacturers, including Spintec. 

We offer the ideal combination of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, experienced personnel and extensive knowledge of the Spintec product line to ensure a timely, top-notch repair or rebuild project.

About Spintec

A leading spindle manufacturer with a 40-year track record of innovation, Spintec spindles are known for their remarkable quality and precision. The extensive Spintec spindle product line includes tool-motors, air- and water-cooled spindles and electrical RPM raisers for a wide range of high-speed machining applications. 

Spintec manufactures spindles that can operate at speeds of up to 90,000 RMP to meet your most demanding machining challenges. 

Spintec Spindle Repair Service

Our advanced Spintec machine tool repair capabilities can quickly remedy all types of mechanical issues that inhibit spindle performance. We follow a carefully designated repair procedure to quickly get to the core of the problem and determine the specific repair task that’s required. 

Our methodology includes a visual inspection, testing, disassembly and parts inspection, reworking and replacement of damaged parts and components. We’ll completely reassemble your spindle and test it to ensure the quality of our workmanship. We’re so confident in our Spintec spindle repair work that we guarantee it for one full year from the date of shipment.


We Also Offer Expert Spindle Rebuild Services

A completely refurbished Spintec spindle delivers like-new performance — but at a much lower price point that a brand-new spindle. Our Spintec spindle rebuild process includes a total disassembly and analysis of the unit to determine which parts need replaced. We’ll then send a detailed report along with photos of the damaged parts so you can clearly see the extent of the refurbishment work required. 

We’ll also include an estimated project price — our access to affordable Spintec parts will help keep your refurbishment project costs under control. We won’t move forward until we receive your final approval. 

Experience the CTGI Difference

When you choose Colonial Tool Group for your Spintec repair or rebuild project, you’re not necessarily selecting the least expensive machine tool services provider. However, we believe that the quality of our workmanship saves our customers money in the long run by improving the performance and increasing the longevity of their spindles. 

Our services are designed to reduce your down time, lower your per-piece production costs and enhance your overall operating efficiency. Our team includes knowledgeable engineers and other dedicated professionals who will do the job right the first time. 

Contact Us to Learn More and Get a Free Project Quote

Don’t take chances with something as important to the success of your machining operations as the quality of your equipment. The next time you need a fast, reliable Spintec spindle repair or rebuild, contact the experts at Colonial Tool Group for a free project quote.