Precision Surface Broaching Machines Only at Colonial Tool

Colonial surface broaching machines are fast, powerful, versatile machines; suitable for a broad range of work requiring precise tolerances, fine surface finishes and/or heavy stock removal.  Cut can be in either a single direction or both ways, at a wide range of variable cutting speeds.  Fast return speed is standard in single direction operation, to reduce cycle time and increase production.  The massive main slide runs on rigid, rectangular cross-section, hardened steel ways, ensuring smooth operation through the entire length of stroke. Strokes are adjustable for various broach lengths.  All surface broaching machines are equipped with heavy duty, large volume coolant pumps.

The large hardened and ground guide ways, and laser aligned, hand scraped way beds of our surface broaching machines, provide long life and smooth dependable operation, with world class accuracy for decades.

Broaching parts to close tolerances and with excellent surface finish can be accomplished only with a structurally engineered, rigid surface broaching machine. Colonial Tool Group's surface broaching machine design has a heavy duty single piece column and a knee that extends to the floor, resulting in a very strong machine.