Table-Up Broaching Machine Manufacturing & Repair Services

There are many benefits of the new Table-Up Broaching machine, most of which pertain to the fact that no pit is required. Ergonomically, table-up broaching machines are suitable for today's environment and workforce. These machines make it easier for automation to and from the machine, as there are no gravity issues to contend with.

Colonial has made various types of table-up machines, from single stations to multi stations, with a vast array of tonnages and strokes.

All our Table-Up broaching machines are designed as solid models; this allows us to check the machines for rigidity, reliability and accuracy. Please forward your machine requirements to the professionals at Colonial Tool Group Inc.

High-Speed Table-up System for Finishing/Broaching of Extremely Hard Materials

  • High-precision Finish Broaching of Materials with High Hardness Level

  • Highly Efficient Broaching

  • Excellent Workability

  • Energy & Space Saving

Vertical Table Up Broaching Machines

Colonial Tool Group offers both hydraulic and electro-mechanical systems to power the table-up broaching machines for a variety of applications.

Electric Drive Broaching Machines

Up to 72" stroke

Pulling capacity up to 30,000 lbs/ 15 tons

Machine sizes range from 48x60" up to 96x146"

Coolant Res. Capacity 200- 250 (gal)

Max cutting speed 30 FPM

Max return speed 50 FPM

No pits or platform needed

Approximately 50% less floor space needed because of no hydraulic unit

No hydraulic oil to buy or dispose of

Lower electric cost because of run on demand

Less heat

Less noise

Better part finish and tool life due to smooth cutting action

Cell friendly (self contained).

Fast change over for internal spline or keyways

Single station standard 2 or 3 station optional


Table up Broaching Machine for Internal Broaching Ideal For Spline Broaching, Keyway Broaching, or any Internal Broaching Operations.

An Internal Broach is anchored top and bottom while the work piece is pulled upward on a traveling platform securely guided on (4) massive corner guided posts. Internal broaching can also be done on any of our standard table-up broaching machines. Common applications would be Broaching Internal Splines, Keyway broaching, Irregular shapes or any hole configuration. 

Advantages of the Table-up Machine:

  • ground-level installation of the machine without a pit or pedestal

  • high axial accuracy thanks to stationary shaft puller head and retriever head

  • only one moving machine part (the lifting table) influences the accuracy

  • short cycle times thanks to the movements being overlapping