Standard Warranty

Standard warranty for precision spindles are one year from the date of shipment, see standard terms and conditions, however, 5 year extended warranties are available.

Extended warranty

Spindles requiring extended warranties must be purchased in large volumes, designed speed and maintenance free

In addition to the standard terms and conditions, provisions must be made for modified extended warranty

  1. Any good, or part thereof covered hereby which, under normal operating conditions prove defective and commercially unacceptable in material or workmanship as determined by sellers inspections, within the extended period of time for spindle product, from the date of shipment by seller, will be repaired or replaced at sellers option without charge provided buyer provides seller with prompt notice of the defect and establishes that the goods are not subjected to misuse, misrepair, negligence or accident, and are properly installed maintained and operated within the limits of rated and normal usage and in accordance with sells recommended maintenance and operating instructions.
  2. This warranty does not extend to any goods, or parts thereof, which are deemed perishable by seller, or to goods, or parts thereof, not manufactured by seller or which are covered by another manufacturers warranty.
  3. Unless expressly contained herein, no oral or written statements of seller regarding the subject matter hereof, other than those officers of seller duly authorized in writing shall (below); All of the terms hereof are embodied herein and this is a complete and exclusive statement of the terms of this quotation. No representative of seller, other than officers of seller duly authorized in writing has authority to vary the terms of this quotation or to bind seller to a contract for the supply of the goods described herein which varies in any way from the express written terms hereof.
    1. be considered part hereof or of any subsequent contract between buyer and seller
    2. be considered warranties
    3. be relied upon by buyer
  4. The cost of all servicing not provided for in the warranty shall be charged to buyer by seller at a per diem rate per person per work day, plus transportation.
  5. Complete tooling information, part tolerance and mounting arrangement have been submitted during proposal for evaluation and optimization of spindle design. A basic rated life will be assigned to bearings from this information. Bearings and seals are deemed perishable goods which will be given a calculated basic rated life.
  6. Spare spindles and components must be purchased from Colonial Tool no later than six months prior to start of production. The number of spare spindles and components are at the discretion of Colonial Tool generally 10-15% of any sale.
  7. All repairs will be returned to Colonial Tool in Windsor Ontario
  8. All spindles to be isolated from contamination, or to be provided with means of protection from coolant contamination
  9. All spindles must have air purge requiring clear, dry, oil free at 10 psi. The air supply must be maintained at less than sixty percent relative humidity and free of oil particles larger than 5 microns
  10. It is buyer/owner's responsibility to ensure spindles are isolated from transient vibrations during transportation, operation and shut down, preventing bearings from false brinnelling
  11. it is buyer's/owner's responsibility to ensure spindles are isolated from severe atmosphere where water marking on bearings from condensation will reduce bearing life.
  12. It is buyer's/owner's responsibility to rotate spindle shafts during periods of inactivity; The rotation should occur no less than once a month to ensure adequate lubrication film thickness within the bearings.
  13. It is buyer/owner's responsibility to properly protect spindle during machine cleaning from high pressure spray and other contamination
  14. The warranty covers the spindle assembly only and does not cover any accessories, coolant unions, or rotating cylinders.
  15. Any disassembly, whatsoever, of the spindle, without seller's prior expressed authorization shall void this warranty