Weiss Spindle Repair and Rebuild Services

You might not give much thought to the spindle in your turning, milling or grinding machine — until it breaks or fails to perform. That’s when it’s to time to contact the experts at Colonial Tool Group. 

We have the in-house equipment and expertise to conduct all types of minor or major Weiss spindle repair tasks with speed and efficiency. We can also rebuild Weiss spindles from the ground up if needed. Our fast turnaround times ensure a malfunctioning Weiss spindle will not cause a lengthy — and costly — disruption to your normal operations.

About Weiss

A member of the Siemens family of companies, Weiss is widely recognized as a leading global spindle technology innovator — Weiss sets the standard when it comes to machine tool spindle research and development. The broad Weiss capabilities include meeting the requirements of specialized spindle applications across the entire machine tool market.

Weiss Spindle Repair Service

High-speed Weiss spindles are complex pieces of equipment that consist of multiple components. The in-house engineers at CTGI have the expertise to analyze the Weiss motors, bearings, shafts and housings to pinpoint the repair issue. 

Our Weiss spindle repair process involves completely disassembling the spindle and checking the motor windings, shaft balances and other essential components and repairing any faulty operational function we uncover. If necessary, we’ll replace damaged parts with high-quality OEM parts. We’ll completely reassemble the spindle and conduct testing prior to shipping it back to your facility.


Weiss Spindle Rebuild Service

A severely damaged spindle or a unit containing multiple worn-out parts may require a complete refurbishment. Our multi-step rebuilding process can restore your Weiss spindle to like-new condition. We’ll test the spindle to determine the level of performance of the existing parts and components — the results of the testing will help us develop a targeted rebuild strategy. 

We’ll then disassemble your Weiss spindle to get a closer look at the damaged parts, take photos and tap into our resources to find the most affordable parts for your project. Next, we’ll submit a comprehensive rebuild project estimate along with the photos to you for approval. Finally, we’ll execute the rebuild to your high standards. The entire Weiss spindle rebuild project will take approximately two to three weeks.

Experience and Expertise You Can Trust

At Colonial Tool Group, we understand that whenever a machine fails, it costs your company time and money. Our years of spindle repair and rebuild experience, including years of experience with Weiss spindle repair, ensures we can complete the job as quickly as possible — we even offer 24-hour repair service to handle emergency situations. 

As capable manufacturers of our own line of spindle products, we have unique spindle design insight we can apply to Weiss spindle products to deliver the results you expect and deserve.

Get Free Weiss Spindle Rebuild or Repair Quote

When it’s time for your next Weiss spindle repair or rebuild project, don’t take chances with an inexperienced company that emphasizes price over workmanship. Contact the experts at Colonial Tool Group to explore your options and receive a no-obligation quote.