Aircraft Turbine Disc Broaching Machine Manufacturer

C.N.C. Aircraft Engine Turbine Disc Broaching Machine 7000 - 6 Axis – 4 levels.

Colonial Tool is a complete design and manufacturer of aircraft turbine disc broaching machines, index tables, broach tools, precision machine spindles and cold forming spline rolling racks.

Aircraft turbine disc broaching machines

Our broaching machines are based on the original but updated Lapointe broach machine designs. Colonial is the owner of all Lapointe broach machine engineering for machines manufactured in North America prior to 1986. Service and replacement parts of these older Lapointe machines and index tables are available from Colonial.

Simple, internal, table-up broaching machines, up to 300" stroke 6 axis multi level horizontal turbine disc broaching machines and index tables are the wide range of Colonial’s abilities. Machines can be designed application specific or choose a standard design with a quick delivery.