Spindle Services in Guelph

Manufacturers and CNC machining shops count on well-designed, reliable machine spindles in a variety of lathes, grinders and other equipment to increase shop productivity and efficiency.

Colonial Tool Group thoroughly understands the challenges associated with spindle design, repair and rebuilding. We're committed to providing quality products to clients in any industry that utilizes these tools throughout Guelph, Ontario, as well as several other locations throughout North America.

We employ knowledgeable and focused assemblers and engineers that will diligently work to discover solutions for any project, big or small.

How Do We Design Our Spindles?

Spindle assemblage requires precise methodology while permitting no room for error, and we utilize a specific philosophy that maximizes the spindle's rigidity at operating speed. This is incredibly important because the productivity and accuracy of the tool is heavily influenced by the magnitude of elastic deformation under load.

If you need spindle design in Guelph, we utilize an optimization program with each project to ensure the spindle falls in line with your requirements. We consider speeds, tooling loads, lubrication, type of bearing and envelope size to maximize rigidity, life and cost.

Spindle Repair.png

We'll customize the seals to fit your needs as well, and our top-tier lubrication will reduce wear, dissipate heat and provide corrosion protection.

You can also select from three kinds of bearings:

  • Angular contact bearings
  • Double row taper bore roller bearings
  • Taper roller bearings

We Also Offer Spindle Repair and Rebuilds

Designing and creating new spindles has been a trademark of Colonial Tool Group for quite awhile, but we'll also gladly take on requests for spindle repair and rebuilds in Guelph. We implement a meticulous, step-by-step process when approaching repair, as we marry expertise with state-of-the-art technology.

We'll thoroughly analyze your spindle and its issues by going through our clearly defined 19-step plan, which includes anything from conducting an IRD vibration analysis to checking the housing bores for deficiencies in size, roundness and taper.

We won't stop until we find the appropriate solutions to your obstacles. If we determine that it needs a rebuild, we will disassemble it — taking pictures every step of the way — and create a detailed report that specifies our findings. From there, we will then find the most cost-efficient parts that will help to complete the project in a way that benefits you without sacrificing quality.

Contact Colonial Tools for Spindle Services in Guelph

We've worked with many major corporations, including Ford and Cummins, and earned critical acclaim, which gives us an edge over the competition. Contact us today to find out what our diverse staff can do for you in spindle design and other work in Guelph.