HAAS Spindle Drive Repairs and Rebuilds

Complete HAAS Spindle Repair Services for Your Industry

Do you have a HAAS spindle failing to properly change tools, overheating or not keeping up to speed? When a spindle goes down, your operations have to stop — and that hurts your bottom line.

You can work to minimize that as much as possible by partnering with Colonial Tool for a HAAS spindle drive repair or a complete HAAS spindle rebuild. The sooner you contact us for your free quote, the faster we’ll engineer a certified solution that can get you back up and running.

Colonial runs a complete engineering team in-house so we can fully diagnose and resolve the problems you have, or create a new spindle if it’s a better option than a complete HAAS spindle rebuild. Reliable repairs with a quick turnaround are the hallmark of Colonial Tool operations.

Ask us about our 24-hour service with accelerated turnarounds if you need emergency work to minimize your losses.

About HAAS

HAAS Automation provides high-tech solutions for CNC machines and spindles, with a focus on simpler maintenance, easy installation and tool changing, and low lifetime operational costs.

Colonial Tool has provided years of service for HAAS spindle rebuild and repair options, because our clients continue to rely on HAAS parts and machinery.

Colonial's HAAS Spindle Repair Services

At Colonial Tool we provide a complete rebuild or repair of your HAAS spindles. This includes a thorough inspection from technicians and engineers with detailed repair or rebuild plans delivered to you before the work is completed. We can make repairs with OEM parts or manufacture a custom element to meet the specific demands you have.

With decades of experience and a team of engineers who have mastered CNC machinery and all of their components, we have the capabilities to diagnose problems, solve them and fabricate repairs, no matter how complex or how much of a rebuild it requires.

Spindles will receive a specific regimen that includes:

  1. Reviewing the unit to diagnose problems, including a visual inspection and thorough application tests.
  2. Units are disassembled, cleaned and each individual element is tested.
  3. We prepare a list of components that are failing and provide options for repair, replacement or rebuilding.
  4. Our engineering team performs the full repair after your approval, with the capability to manufacture parts specific to your job, or which are no longer available through the OEM.

HAAS spindle drive repairs are thoroughly tested before the products are returned to you.

If your equipment is currently under warranty, let Colonial Tool know and we can discuss support and procedures required to help you maintain your warranty and keep your equipment protected.

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Our engineers and service representatives can get the answers to your questions promptly and help you start the repair journey. If your HAAS spindles and equipment are vital to your operations, contact us directly here to learn about options for an expedited repair.