HELLMERICH Spindle Repairs and Rebuilds

The German company HELLMERICH has been an industry leader in multi-spindle heads and related tools for more than 30 years. Offering a full slate of CNC equipment for mass-production manufacturers, the company’s spindle heads are essential to the productivity of rotary tables, transfer lines and other machines in facilities around the world.

Count on Colonial Tool Group for all repairs to HELLMERICH spindles and other machine tool components. We can quickly turn around projects of any complexity, helping you keep downtime to a minimum while ensuring your important equipment delivers the accuracy and performance you require of it. 

Our Spindle Repair Capabilities

Common steps in a spindle repair can include:

·         Taking pictures of the unit and performing a thorough visual inspection of all components

·         Running the spindle on our test bench and using a vibrational analysis to determine bearing condition

·         Performing additional drawbar, HSK and axial compliance testing as required

·         Tearing down the unit, cleaning and inspecting all components

·         Performing additional component testing to determine motor winding, shaft balance, HSK taper and more

·         Completing a thorough written report of our findings and recommendations for further repairs

·         Installing new front bearings and/or installing shafts, rear bearings and lock nuts as required

·         Rebuilding the spindle and rerunning all initial tests to confirm the success of the repairs

·         Shipping your repaired HELLMERICH spindle back to you

Each HELLMERICH spindle repair is completed to the highest standards of quality control and extensively documented for your approval. It’s this commitment to customer service – along with the expertise of our technicians – that has made us a leading provider of HELLMERICH machine tool repairs for customers across North America.

HELLMERICH Spindle Rebuilds

If a standard repair isn’t enough to bring your HELLMERICH spindle back to full working condition, we can provide a complete rebuild from the ground up. A rebuilt spindle will offer all the performance of a new unit, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

The rebuild process is similar to a repair – rebuilt spindles undergo the same level of testing and documentation. The main difference is the extent of the work we perform. When rebuilding a HELLMERICH spindle, all bearings and other wearable components are replaced, effectively restoring it to like-new condition. As a result, we are able to offer a one-year warranty on all rebuilt HELLMERICH machine tools. 

Why Choose Colonial Tool Group?

Colonial Tool Group has extensive experience rebuilding and repairing HELLMERICH spindles for some of today’s most demanding manufacturers. With a dedicated in-house engineering staff, we have the technical expertise necessary to take on any job. All assembly work is done by the same technician – a process that ensures improved accountability and better overall results on any job. Best of all, 24-hour repair capabilities ensure we can turn around a HELLMERICH spindle rebuild or other job quickly, keeping downtime for your important equipment to a minimum.

We are pleased to offer our customers a free quote for all HELLMERICH CNC repairs and rebuilds. Get in touch with a Colonial Tool Group representative to learn more and get started today.