Hitachi Seiki CNC Spindle Repair From Colonial Tool Group

With a reputation for performance, precision and reliability, Hitachi Seiki CNC spindles are well known in the machining industry. When it comes time to have your spindles repaired, it takes a specialized machine expert like Colonial Tool Group to ensure they are repaired to perfect operating condition. In business for more than 70 years, our team has the experience and reputation it takes to inspect, diagnose and repair your Hitachi Seiki CNC spindles.

When Do We Repair?

In the case of a complex and expensive asset like your Hitachi Seiki CNC spindles, we always attempt to repair a worn-out spindle instead of scrapping it. Even with normal use, your spindles will eventually wear out and reach a point where they can’t hold the necessary tolerances. In case of damage due to misuse or mishandling, your spindles must be taken out of service and require repair before using them again. To maximize your Hitachi Seiki CNC spindle investment and get more life out of them, our experts at Colonial Tool Group can perform the repairs you need.

As with every spindle we service, we follow several general steps that ensure we properly diagnose the problem and offer you the best CNC spindle repair solutions:

  • Inspection: The first step is always to inspect your spindles in their current state and understand what the symptoms are. Just as your doctor will run a series of checks and tests, so will our technicians. We will check your spindles for dimensional accuracy, surface finish and more to note any abnormalities. We can also perform IRD vibration analysis when possible to get an accurate representation of the state of your spindles when mounted in your CNC machine.


  • Disassembly: The next step is disassembling your spindles to get to the root of the problem. This step helps us accurately pinpoint the problems, and determine what needs repair. We photograph every step of disassembly, and make careful note of all positions, dimensions and any abnormal wear or damage we might discover.


  • Reporting: Once we have the information we need to make a proposal, we create a detailed report that we submit to you. In this report, we explain everything that needs to be done to get your Hitachi Seiki spindles back into working condition. We don’t do anything beyond this point until we have your authorization, and we encourage you to ask as many questions you want to avoid any surprises.


  • Repair: It generally takes two to three weeks for spindle repair (while more complex machine tool repairs can take longer, depending in the issues discovered). Our goal is always to get you operational again as soon as possible, and do our best to schedule service when it suits you. We always use quality new or refurbished parts, and put your spindles back into OEM specification.


  • Verification: The last step is extremely important. Once your spindles are repaired, we do a test run to ensure they work properly with your CNC machine. At this time, we can do a full verification, including vibration analysis, to ensure your spindles are running with accuracy and precision.

Trust Colonial Tool Group with your broken Hitachi Seiki CNC spindles. We’ll perform the repairs necessary to allow you to use them once again and make the most of your tooling investment. Contact us today and we’ll get started on your free quote.