Hyundai CNC Machine Rebuild Service From Colonial Tool Group

Hyundai CNC machines are high-precision equipment. They are built to exacting tolerances for the utmost in accuracy and repeatability. When your Hyundai CNC lathe needs repairs, it can’t be handled by just anyone. You need to trust your equipment to professionals with the knowledge, experience and skills to diagnose, rebuild and verify your CNC.

For more than 70 years, Colonial Tool Group has been working as a leader in the machine tool trade. Independent since 1993, we continue to grow as a leading customized machine tool manufacturer. Our skillset also includes rebuilding, remanufacturing and retooling leading CNC lathes.


When to Rebuild

A CNC lathe isn’t like other industrial equipment. Some equipment either works or doesn’t, making it obvious when it needs repair. With a precision lathe, you count on the accuracy of the spindles and positioning screws to move at the right speeds for proper machining. At Colonial Tool Group, we perform high-quality tool rebuilding using a methodical approach:

  • We start by diagnosing your Hyundai CNC machine. We run your machine as it is to understand the current state, and make note of any particular problems. We do measurements to determine what is out of spec and what needs special attention.


  • We tear down your CNC as required to access the various components that need replacement or rebuilding. Our expert technicians have years of experience with Hyundai CNC machine rebuilding, and follow the manufacturers’ instructions at all times.


  • We check the motor, spindle and carriage to check for correct movement, position and tolerance. If we need to replace parts, we use only quality replacement or rebuilt parts that meet the original equipment specifications dictated by Hyundai.


  • We do a full test of your CNC lathe after rebuild to ensure it is working properly and is ready for use again. Our goal is to have you operational as soon as possible, and let you take advantage of the reliability and precision of your Hyundai CNC lathe.

Instead of waiting for your lathe to stop working properly, we suggest regular maintenance and inspection. We can verify the function of your Hyundai CNC machine and plan preventive maintenance on your downtime. This helps avoid any surprises, as a breakdown never occurs at a convenient time!

CNC Machine Services

Our expert team at Colonial Tool Group can take care of many different jobs related to the rebuilding and repair of your Hyundai CNC lathe:

We’ve got all your CNC rebuild and motor repair needs covered. Contact our team today and discuss your Hyundai lathe rebuild needs with us. We’ll prepare a free quote and get you operational again quickly. We offer 24-hour service on spindle rebuild and fast turnaround for broach sharpening and rack regrinds. We look forward to becoming your trusted tooling company for all your machining needs.