Indexable Broaching Tool Manufacturer & Repairs

Colonial Tool manufacturers and service all types of Indexable Broaching Tools, with our 24 hour total solution house we can sharpen, repair, and replace your inserts and tooling fast to eliminate downtime. For reliable precise Indexable Tooling, contact our experienced staff for a free quote

We are methodical in our approach to provide consistent tool sharpening every time. We follow these same steps:

  • Tooling inspection, measurement and documentation.

  • Providing an accurate quote that details the work to be done.

  • Repairing, regrinding and sharpening of your tooling.

  • Verifying your tooling before returning it to you.

Our expert toolers use their experience and advanced CNC machines to provide you with top-quality, indexable broach tool sharpening that gets you back to work right away. We know downtime costs your business a lot of money, so we do what we can to minimize that downtime.

Thanks to the precision of our indexable cutting tool sharpening, you can run longer than with tools that have been sharpened on a mill. Our result is not only higher precision, but we remove less material, meaning we extend the service life of your tooling since we can sharpen it repeatedly as it wears out.

indexable broach tool
indexable broach tool
indexable broach tool

Featuring up to 10 cutting edges per insert, superior cutting geometry and rigid construction, Advanced Cutting Tool Systems Indexable Broach Tools improve tool life, increase productivity and significantly reduce machinery costs. If you're looking into trying new solutions for your product contact Advanced Cutting Tools today to have a quote that will have your facility running more cost effienciently in a few weeks!

Cylinder Blocks

  • Panrail Surface

  • Bearing Cap Face, Width and Half Round

  • Bank Surfaces

  • Top Surface

  • Transfer Lugs

Cylinder Heads

  • Intake and Exhaust Manifold Surfaces

  • Joint Face

Bearing Caps

  • Face and Width

  • Half Round

Broaching Benefits

  • Indexable inserts

  • Up to 10 cutting edges per insert

  • Reduce casting break-out

  • Superior cutting geometry

  • Rigid construction

  • Improve tool life

  • Eliminate cutter grinding

  • Reduce fixture and part forces

  • Improve part quality

  • Higher cutting speeds

  • Increase productivity

  • Round or flat surfaces

Broaching Saves Time and Money (Over Milling)

  • Increase production rates

  • Reduce machinery costs by up to 2/3

  • Can free up 75% of your shop floor space

  • Faster delivery and start-up

  • Save more than 80% on tooling costs

  • Major reduction in machinery and fixture maintenance

The Unbeatable Popularity of Indexable Tools

It's easy to see why more and more of our customers are opting for indexable cutting tooling. The time spent changing over tooling costs you money. Every time you stop your CNC or other cutting machines, you're not producing. Even an experienced tool operator who makes a quick-changeover can't reduce the downtime to zero. An indexable broach tool can switch instantly to a different cutting surface that maximizes your machine uptime.

To make the most of this advantage, it’s important to have tools that are sharp and ready to cut. The advantage of an indexable cutting tool goes out the window if your tooling isn’t optimized for rapid cutting. When you trust Colonial Tool for your indexable tool repair and sharpening, you’re getting the most out of your indexable machines.

Contact our team today and tell us about your tooling repair and sharpening needs. If you're in a rush, we can provide 24-hour service to get you operational again with little downtime. As an industry leader in sharpening indexable cutting tools, we'll use:

  • Experienced tooling experts who can work on any type or make of cutting tools.

  • Dedicated CNC machines for fast and consistent precision sharpening.

  • Our full knowledge for inspection, disassembly and repair of your worn and broken tooling.

  • A life-extending approach to tooling sharpening that removes the minimum material possible.

When you team up with Colonial Tool for all of your indexable cutting tools and broaching tooling repairs and sharpening, you're maximizing the life of your tools. You're also ensuring the best possible quality of your finished products, reducing scrap, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime. This combination is a real advantage to your business and results in added profit.

Contact us today to find out more about the indexable tool services we can provide. If you're in a rush, let us know, and we'll have your tooling back to you in 24 hours. Our goal is to become your trusted source for all of your tooling needs, so come and find out what we can do for you.