Broaching Tools Sharpen, Regrind & Repair Services

Colonial Tool services all types of broaching tools regardless of original manufacturer, with our 24 hour total solution house we can turn your broaching tools around fast to eliminate down time. With all repairs done in house let our experienced and reliable staff service your Round, Spiral, Surface, Keyway, Keyseater, Helical, and Specialty broaches.

broach sharpening
cnc broach sharpening

Servicing tools properly with reliable and experienced professionals is the key to long tool life, higher quality parts, and a lower cost per piece. At Colonial Tool we inspect and record each tool before sharpening, regrinding, and/or reworking. Colonial Tool offers 24 hour service with quick turnarounds at our total solution facilities.

Maximizing Your Broaching Tool Investment

Have you looked at the amount you spend on broaching tools recently? If not, it’s worth doing. While the amount may surprise you, it’s always important to keep this cost in mind. You need to factor broach and other tooling costs into your day-to-day operating expenses to know how profitable your business is.

Quality machine and CNC tooling isn’t an incidental cost. It’s an investment that affects many aspects of your business:

•    Quality: With quality broach tools, you can hold tighter tolerances and make less scrap.
•    Productivity: You need fewer adjustments and changeovers with the right tools.
•    Time: Downtime is minimized when your broach tools can keep up the pace.

Thanks to our CNC broach sharpening and regrinds, we can help you maximize all three factors. You get added value from your tools that you can pass on to your customers to satisfy their needs.

At Colonial Tool, we use precision CNC machining to repair your tools without removing more material than necessary. When you add this up over years of broaching tool use, we can greatly extend the life of your tooling. Some of our customers have been able to extend the life of their tools by over 50% thanks to our advanced precision broach sharpening. Think of what that would do for your bottom line!

Minimize your broach tooling expenditures by opting for professional broach tool sharpening and regrinding from our expert team here at Colonial Tool.

We Make Your Old Broaching Tools Like New

Let Colonial Tool experienced operators Sharpen/ Regrind & Repair your tools to run like new again! We have put a methodical broach tool repair service in place that guarantees consistent and repetitive regrinds every time. Every time you send us your broach tooling for service, we follow the same procedure:

Inspection of tools upon arrival

Land widths recorded to ensure minimum stock removal and long tool life

Complete service for all tools, regardless of the original manufacturer.

Damage found and repaired in house fast to prevent downtime

Correct Hook Angles / Back off angles / Rise per tooth

Straighten, deburr, and inspect each tool

Expedited pickup & delivery available

24 hour operation for fast turnaround

Prototype testing of tools and applications available

Let Colonial review your tool design, to optimize its performance.

Let Colonial review your reconditioned broaching application, tool design, set ups and operations for cost saving productivity improvements.

It doesn’t matter which brand or type of broach tooling you use. At Colonial Tool, we have years of experience manufacturing and servicing all types of broach tools from manufacturers from around the world. We have dedicated advanced CNC machining centers to broach sharpening. This is how we offer greater value and consistent results, even in a rush.

In 24 hours, we can sharpen your broaching tools and get them back to you so you suffer as little downtime as possible. If you have multiple sets of identical broaching tools, we can stagger service so you don't have any downtime at all. We're used to the high-pressure, high-speed demands of the tooling industry here at Colonial Tool, which is why we do what it takes to meet your tooling needs.

broach sharpening
manual broach sharpening
manual broach sharpening
cnc broach sharpening
cnc broach sharpening

CNC Sharpening Benefits

Regardless of whether your sharpening is done in-house or your company is using a vendor to re-sharpen your broach tools, the process will only be optimized if the tools are sharpened on a CNC tool grinder. We understand that it may be more convenient to send broaches out to a local sharpening guy who will handle anything that needs sharpening. Many times these local guys offer free pickup and delivery, and they do it quickly. But very few of these local shops have dedicated CNC broach tool re-sharpening equipment like us. It might alternatively seem tempting to utilize internal personal that have some manual sharpening ability. On the surface it seems this would be lower in cost; after all, who doesn’t want to keep it local or in-house? Nothing could be farther from the truth. If your broach tools are not CNC made and CNC sharpened throughout their life, your company is wasting money in every case. The following is a list of the benefits of CNC sharpening, and after reading it you will intuitively know what you need to do in order to get double the life from your broach tools

  • Even stock removal from each tooth

  • The use of coolant while grinding

  • Consistent geometry every time

  • Smooth surface finish with proper blending

  • Thin burrs that are easily removed before broaching

  • Reduced tool warping and bending during grinding

  • More regrinds per tool

  • Faster than conventional grinding

  • Repeatable results

  • Less labor intensive

It’s easy to see why more and more customers are turning to Colonial Tool for our expert broaching tooling regrind and sharpening services. We have dedicated experts and dedicated CNC machines for our broaching tool sharpening that can take care of any type of broach you have.

Contact our team today and let us take care of your broach tooling needs. We respond quickly and will get started with the CNC broach sharpening that will get you back up and running and making money in no time!