Spindle Services in Ingersoll

CNC and other machinery continue to evolve as advances in technology take hold, and that includes the spindles that often function as one of their most essential components.

If you're using out-of-date or broken spindles, you run the risk of slowing down productivity and incurring other negative side effects which can adversely affect business' overall health. Colonial Tool Group remains on the cutting-edge of spindle design, repair and rebuilding — we have a long lineage of more than a century that allows us to pull from the past to innovate the future.

From Ingersoll, Ontario to a vast array of other locations in North America, we employ only the best specialists to take on projects, large and small.

Designing our Spindles the Right Way

Creating complex machinery from the ground up can be an unnerving procedure, as every measurement, calibration and volt must be accurate to guarantee a tool that functions at peak capacity. We place the highest priority on every aspect of the process, and we pride ourselves on consistency.

Spindle Inspection.jpg

One way we maintain that consistency is through starting every project with the same step, which takes the form of our unique philosophy. Because the degree of elastic deformation heavily influences the productivity and accuracy of the tool, we focus on maximizing the spindle's rigidity at operating speed. 

If you need spindle design in Ingersoll, we will craft your tool's blueprint to meet every specification your application requires of it correctly. We complete this plan by developing a personalized optimization program. We will consider speeds, tooling loads, type of bearing, envelope size and lubrication to maximize rigidity, life and cost.

Your personalizations will extend to every aspect of the project, as you can select from different seals, bearings and interfaces for the ultimate spindle.

We Also Offer Spindle Repair and Rebuilds

If you think that your spindle needs some TLC, which will help delay the procurement of a replacement, we also offer spindle repair in Ingersoll, as well as full and partial rebuilds.

Again, spindles are complicated devices, which means finding the exact issue can be frustrating. However, with a dedicated staff, state-of-the-art technology and a meticulous 19-step plan, we will conduct a thorough analysis that will be guaranteed to pinpoint every problem it might have. 

Rebuilds undergo a similar process, as we'll pre-test the unit to discover the problematic components. From there, we will engage in full disassembly, including step-by-step documentation of our efforts. We will provide a detail report, which will include the most cost-efficient options.

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Our commitment to excellence has led to work with many major corporations, but we're more than to ready to assist any business that needs our help with spindles in Ingersoll. Contact us today to discuss your options.