Built to Order Precision Keyway Broaches

keyway broach

Colonial Tool is a manufacturer of all types of broach machines and tooling to produce keyways including, keyway broach tools, workhorns, single spline pull broaches and arbors with inserts and pullers. 

When catalog parts don’t offer you the performance, precision or flexibility you’re looking for, it’s time to turn to a keyway broaching expert like Colonial Tool. We have decades of experience as a leading machine tooling company for all of your tooling services:

Our experience manufacturing and regrinding Keyway and Keyseater tools means we can extend the life of your existing tooling to maximize your investment. Thanks to our advanced CNC machines dedicated to regrinding and sharpening Keyway broaching tools, we can carefully remove the minimum amount of material necessary to return your Keyway broaching tools to like-new condition. This gives you several advantages:

  • Extended Keyway broach life, often up to 50% more than with traditional milling.

  • Greater precision when we sharpen your Keyway broaches for less scrap.

  • Increased productivity due to less downtime for Keyway broach adjustment and repair.

It's possible to get a lot more out of your existing Keyseaters and Keyway broach tools. Simply contact our team here at Colonial Tool and let us take a look at your Keyway broaches. We’ll do a full inspection before preparing a quote that details the repairs and regrinding required. Once we’ve performed the work, we verify that your sharpened Keyway tools are ready to put back to use right away.

If you're in a rush, we can even offer 24-hour sharpening service for your Keyseaters and Keyway broach tools. That kind of turn-around time is hard to find. To provide such fast service and still maintain the quality we're known for here at Colonial Tool, we employ highly trained toolers who have access to dedicated CNC machines. They apply their years of knowledge and experience in keyway broaching tool repair and manufacturing to give you the best possible Keyway broach and Keyseater broach service possible.

Colonial Tool can also service your keyway broaching tools with our 24 hour total solution house, fast and reliable sharpening's to reduce downtime.

Keyway Broaches

Colonial stocks twelve popular sizes of Keyway broaches, ready to be shipped as soon as your purchase order is received. This is how we help you avoid downtime and allow you to get back up and running as quickly as possible. At Colonial Tool, we consider ourselves more than a supplier. We consider ourselves your partner for all of your machining tooling and cutting needs.

This enables you to meet urgent production schedules, without waiting for tools to be made, ensures you against long tie-ups—due to breakage, and keeps your keyway broach inventory requirements low.

An additional 27 styles of keyway broach are listed as standard items. They can be built to order with short lead times, since design and tooling are always available. As soon as you discover a worn or broken Keyway broach, let us know. We’ll get started right away building your broach so you can plan to get back to work. If you’d like us to inspect your existing tooling, we can help you plan for maintenance or replacement so you don’t have any unplanned downtime. That’s the advantage of working with a trusted Keyway broaching tool manufacturer and sharpening expert.

You'll find a broach on the list for every standard keyway operation, simply order by catalogue number. Give us a call today and tell us what you need. We have all of your Keyway and Keyseater broaching tool needs covered, from new catalog or custom tools to repair, regrinding and sharpening of your existing tools. We’re proud of our reputation here at Colonial Tool as an industry leader and look forward to providing you with the quality Keyseater and Keyway broaching tools that help you run more efficiently and maximize your profitability.