MAG Spindle Repairs and Rebuilds

Why Colonial Tool Group?

MAG manufactures single and dual spindles, horizontal and vertical turning centers, and a range of other CNC equipment tools. Serving OEMs and suppliers primarily in the automotive and trucking industries, the company’s equipment is designed to offer reliable performance and tight tolerances in demanding applications.

Complex, sophisticated MAG machine tools require specialized knowledge and extensive training to repair and maintain properly. That’s where Colonial Tool Group comes in. We can quickly turn around complicated MAG spindle repairs and other services to keep you productive and help you make the most out of your existing CNC machinery.

Colonial Tool Group is unique in our ability to provide repairs and service to all MAG CNC machine tool components. We:

·         Offer MAG spindle repairs, bearing and hardware replacements, component rebuilds and more

·         Can provide complete spindle rebuilds that add years of life to aging equipment

·         Thoroughly test all repaired machines to confirm they deliver the performance and accuracy our demanding clients require

·         Are available around the clock to provide emergency service and answers to all your questions

Whether you have a newer MAG spindle that’s still covered under warranty or an older machine with ongoing maintenance requirements, we can help. Our technicians receive extensive training on MAG machine tools and have access to the most sophisticated diagnostic tools and technologies to ensure all work is done properly, and any issues are fixed right the first time.


MAG Machine Tool Inspections and Repairs

Our technicians perform extensive testing on every MAG spindle we receive for repairs. This begins with a visual inspection to identify obvious problems, and includes vibrational analysis and other bench tests, as well as a complete teardown to inspect the unit’s bearings and other hardware.

Every step of the way, all work we perform is photographed and all test results documented. This allows us to confirm the success of your MAG CNC machine repair and verify that your machine is once again performing the way it should. 

MAG Machine Rebuilds

When the cost of repairing a MAG spindle is too high and the effectiveness of results uncertain, a complete machine rebuild can be your best option. We can restore your aging equipment to its original working condition for considerably less than a replacement would cost, leaving you with a spindle that delivers exceptional productivity and low maintenance requirements for years to come.

We also offer custom tool fabrication and component upgrades that let you do more with your existing equipment. We understand every client has different requirements, which is why we’ll work with you to find the most cost-effective and proactive long-term solution to any equipment challenges you face. 

Your Partner for Maximum Productivity

Contact Colonial Tool Group today for anything related to MAG machine tool repairs, spindle or motor rebuilds, and more. We provide quick turnaround on any project and are proud to offer free quotes for all repair jobs.

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