Motorized Spindle Support for Multiple Industries

Colonial Tool Manufacture, repairs, and rebuilds all types of Motorizes Machine Spindles

Our motto, “Rigidity At Speed,” is also a necessary characteristic in all spindle applications. Coupled with a compact, high-horsepower integral motor, automatic tool actuator and compensator, it makes for state-of-the-art spindle technology that packs a big punch in a relatively small package. Motorized spindles require less space, since they have a direct-drive built in.

From the slim shape of a simple surface grinding spindle to the robustness and complexity of a cylinder boring spindle, Colonial has designed and built a full spectrum of motorized spindles. Our expertise has led us to become a leading machine spindle manufacturer, no matter how common the job or how many CNC specialty spindles you may need.

The benefits of milling spindle motors and others from Colonial Tool include:

  • Increased productivity and product quality
  • High-volume support for long use of tools
  • Smart, long-term ROI thanks to quality designs
  • Simplified maintenance and access
  • Longer spindle service life and tool service life
  • Spindles specifically designed to minimize machine downtime
  • CNC specialty spindles engineered to meet a variety of needs

Our designs, repairs, rebuilds and other spindle motor work are all verified, tested and measured to insure that our development process meets a high standard and improves as we continue to operate.

Custom Spindle Builds for Your Business

As a leading machine spindle manufacturer, we can provide you with a custom-built spindle that will fit your application and provide a reliable solution to your machining needs. Share with us your questions and you will get not only the right answers, but you’ll also gain a partner that will stay the course and support you through the life of our products. We’re more than just your standard CNC machine spindle supplier.

Colonial Tool is a leader in the design and manufacture of motorized spindles, whether you need high-speed, CNC, milling, electric, grinding or other support. Our production supports industry-standard CNC and other equipment, so you can be sure your custom spindle will operate with your equipment right away.

Our focus is to create machine tool spindles that can match your needs and deliver the reliability that makes the Colonial name what it is. That includes a spindle build that’s compatible with your current drive systems, while also delivering an optimized setup for your specific applications.

You get the best in the industry for a motor cylinder boring spindle, CNC spindle motor, milling machine motors and much more. Our engineers have worked with almost every spindle motor for metal milling, and can ensure that you’ll be well taken care of each and every time.

Industry and Application Support

Colonial Tool creates custom spindles and provides support for maintenance, repair and replacement, regardless of the industry you work in or your job’s location. Customization of CNC machine spindles and machine tool spindles is possible for your operations in almost any field.

Some of the supported products that Colonial Tool can work with include:

  • Boring spindle motorized cylinders
  • CNC machine spindles
  • CNC specialty spindles
  • CNC spindle motors
  • Electric spindle motors
  • Existing custom designs for your specific manufacturing or performance requirements
  • Motorized grinding spindles
  • High-speed spindle motors
  • Machine tool spindles
  • Mill spindle motors
  • Milling machine and spindle motors
  • Motorized spindles designed to meet demands for harsh conditions or extended life
  • Spindle designs that focus that combine motors with belt- or gear-driven components

CNC Spindle Motor Manufacturer

You want a reliable design that won’t fail, and we want to give it to you at a reliable cost and with a quick turnaround time.

Colonial Tool uses state-of-the-art technology to generate a spindle designed to last longer than what many of our competitors offer. We save many customers money downstream by operating as a CNC spindle motor manufacturer whose products withstand heavy use and the test of time.

From high-performance gears to precision production techniques, Colonial Tool is an all-encompassing engineering service that generates high-performance spindle designs. No matter your motorized spindle needs, we can help you find the right machine tool spindle solutions.

Colonial Tool’s Patented Technologies for You

Colonial's patented Motorized Cylinder Boring Spindles US Patent #6,042,273 has revolutionized the combustion engine manufacturing industry. They’re a testament to our ability as a machine spindle manufacturer for motorized spindles in specialty applications.

We can apply this technology to milling spindle motors, grinding spindle motors and multiple mechanisms, such as electric spindle motors. Each is engineered to deliver significant gains in power, speed and options for connections.

Your exacting technical demands and requirements become ours, and we work hard to meet and exceed these elements based on your designs and our custom CAD expansion support. From motors and drives to cooling units, our custom tech continues to deliver for global customers during every job.

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