Spindle Services in New Hamburg

More than likely, your business relies on unrelenting precision and daily production to keep your bottom line healthy.

That said, that also means your machinery requires frequent maintenance and may fall victim to mechanical failures when you can least afford it. Spindles are an incredibly vital part to monitor, as they function as a focal point for many kinds of lathes, millers, drillers and other popular shop equipment.

Whether you need brand new tools or repairs of old ones, Colonial Tool Group is a comprehensive spindle service provider, which includes design, repair and rebuilds. We aim to create high-quality products for businesses of all sizes throughout New Hamburg, Ontario, as well as several other locations throughout North America.

With a staff packed full of experienced engineers, assemblers and other specialists, your device will be in good hands.

Designing our Spindles With Precision

Old spindles that lag behind in performance can cause gradual spikes in operational costs, as they struggle to help machines achieve their peak productivity. Whether you need spindles for old machines or new additions, we can craft unique ones that fit every requirement you had in mind.

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As one of the oldest spindle makers on the continent, we use nearly 100 years of past experiences to approach any project. That said, we start all of our spindles at the same point, which centers upon maximizing a unit's rigidity. We cannot understate the necessity of this product, as the magnitude of elastic deformation under load heavily influences the productivity and accuracy of the tool.

If you need spindle design in New Hamburg, we'll consider all of your specifications when crafting your product, including tooling loads, speeds, type of bearing, lubrication and envelope size. We offer customization of several features, including seals and bearings.

We Offer Quality Spindle Repair and Rebuilds

We've earned our reputation as a premier custom-build house, but sometimes you can avoid buying new products in favor of repairs and rebuilds. We gladly take on these projects, too, as we'll do what we can to get your broken or corroded spindles back into your operating condition.

All repairs go through the hands of our skilled experts and the rigors of our 19-step plan, which analyzes every aspect of the spindle to locate the issues that plague it.

If we determine that a full or partial rebuild is in order, we have the technology to make that happen as well. After running the tests to assess vibration, drawbar pull force, encoder readings and other vital data, we can then disassemble the product. We will document our progress and draft a detailed report that outlines the problems and the most cost-efficient replacement parts.

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