Spline Broaching Tools

Colonial Tool Group's spline broaching tools deliver accuracy and performance in any application. We manufacture each product to order, based on your specifications, using premium materials and advanced CNC machinery. We can manufacture spline broaches in several standard styles and sizes with short lead times, or create a custom product. Our team is fully qualified to turn around any spline broach order quickly and get your purchase to you with a minimal amount of downtime.

We also offer repairs and sharpening services for all spline broaches. Keep reading for more information or contact a representative to request a quote.

Spline Broach Details

Spline cutting is one of the most common broaching operations. Spline broaching involves using a broach to form a series of ridges or teeth around the circumference of a pre-cut hole. It is an efficient way to create serrated, straight or involute splines.

The automotive industry relies on spline broaches to create transmission and driveshaft parts, among other items. The grooves on a spline allow for the efficient transfer of torque by locking together separate components. In today's increasingly sophisticated vehicles, however, spline accuracy is essential. For this reason, suppliers and OEMs must partner with tooling companies they trust.

Working With Colonial Tool Group

Colonial Tool Group is a leading manufacturer of spline broaches for the automotive industry and other demanding sectors. We are fully qualified to produce spline broaches in a wide range of sizes and configurations, to the high dimensional tolerances our clients require. As a leader in the spline broaching industry, we can deliver the flexibility necessary to accommodate your requests, the fast turnaround times required to keep your business running, and the precise products that drive success in your operation.

Our in-house engineering expertise is unparalleled. We are a partner to many leading automotive manufacturers who require precise spline broaching tools, including GM, Ford, Chrysler and Cummins, and have three locations to serve customers across North America.

Spline Broach Sharpening and Repair

In addition to our spline broach manufacturing services, we also offer repairs and sharpening for broaches of any type. Regular sharpening is the best way to maximize your tooling investment and maintain accuracy in your operations. Sharper spline broaches mean tighter tolerances and less scrap, as well as less downtime due to adjustments and changeovers. Our sharpening services can extend the life of a spline broach by up to 50 percent. Best of all, we can turn around most projects in 24 hours or less.

Our team can also help if more extensive repairs to your spline broaching tool are necessary. We can straighten, deburr, and measure and correct the dimensions of any tool. Every job begins and ends with a detailed inspection and testing of the spline broach  as necessary. This allows us to provide before and after values for all measurements that show the effectiveness of our work. Expedited service is available for rush jobs.

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